Low fat foods

Like the food and light products, there is also another type of food that can be indicated for those people who are following a diet of weight loss in order to lose weight.

These are the so-called low-fat foods, and although they are also usually referred to as light foods, many of the companies of the sects tend to advertise similarly to this type of products as low fat foods (or supposedly not very caloric).

Those products considered ligh or low in fat, usually have 30% less calories than the same version of the product called "normal".

This means that this type of food does not have more than 3. grams of fat in 100 grams of product (in the case that they are solid foods), and no more than 1.5 grams per 100 ml. (in the case that they are liquid).

This is different from those foods that do not have fat, and therefore are sold as non-fat foods, since this type of products should not contain more than 0.5% fat per 100 gr. (or 100 ml.).

What are the best foods without fats?

As you've probably already thought, they highlight above all foods as natural as fruits, vegetables and fresh vegetables. These foods are characterized not only by being low in fat, but also because they have a low caloric content, and yet they are extremely rich in essential nutrients for our body (vitamins, minerals, fiber, water ...).

It also highlights the fish and the lean meats, which also provide us interesting properties and virtues from a nutritional point of view, and whose consumption is recommended every week within a healthy and balanced diet.

Nor should we forget about the pasta and whole grains, which not only stand out for its low fat content, but for its high fiber content, ideal in the prevention of constipation and cancers such as colon cancer.

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