Mastering pain after 65 years

70% of people with more than 65 years old have pains, that is why it is necessary that we be aware of this evil, and above all, that we know how to treat it.

It is true that each person has their own threshold of pain, but having pain can never be considered normal, and even less, from a certain age.

The duration of evolution is the main element that allows us to distinguish a acute pain of a pain chronic. In general, acute pain is a warning signal, and does not last more than three months.

Beyond this time, if the pain persists to the treatments, it begins to be considered as a chronic pain. This symptom may be linked to a disease or a deficiency. In all cases, the environment has to be very attentive to the evolution of this evil, and even more in the old people.

Recognizing and evaluating a pain can be somewhat more complicated, starting at a certain age, since normally, these people do not usually complain. On the other hand, the effects of some medications, depression or memory loss, can disturb the perception and expression of these evils that cause pain.

Finally, the description of pain usually becomes less accurate with age, even in those people with all their mental capacities unaltered. With a little observation, the suffering can be guessed. Effectively, changes in behavior, or habits of the person (appetite, sleep, leisure ...), are eloquent evidence that there is pain.

The pain of old people may be accompanied by an energy, interest or concentration loss, such as depression, and the effectiveness of the treatments can be put in question.

Age can modify the intensity of the pain, depending on each disease. To give an example, let's say that the heart attack, which usually comes with a strong Intense pain, it can be something painless in older people.

Finally, pain can be an obstacle to mobility, and produce a change of life hardly acceptable. In addition to the symptoms physical, psychological support, attention and listening, are elements that should not be forgotten. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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