Minerals for man's fertility

It is well known that following a diet as healthy, varied and balanced as possible is essential at the time of maintaining good health, which in turn helps us positively to prevent a wide variety of diseases, as well as being useful for maintaining a healthy diet. ideal and adequate weight. But its benefits for men do not end here.

And is that as we mentioned in a previous article, in which we talked about what are the best foods for the fertility of man, follow a healthy diet rich in foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish and white meat, nuts, legumes and whole grains is very important to improve the quality of the fertility in man.

Mainly because these foods provide our body with a series of vitamins and minerals essential for male fertility:


Selenium is a trace element that actively participates in the reproductive function, improving the quality of semen both in number and in the mobility of sperm. In addition to promoting the secretion of testosterone, it has an interesting antioxidant activity.

You must be careful with the excessive consumption of selenium, since in large doses it is counterproductive to male fertility, by reducing the mobility of sperm.

Organs (meat)

40 ug


32 ug


32 ug


18 ug

Whole grains

12 ug

Dairy products

5 ug


2 ug


2 ug


It is characterized for being one of the minerals best known for its qualities for male fertility. It helps to raise the level of testosterone, and maintains a good amount and mobility of the sperm. In fact low amounts of this mineral affects the quality of the sperm, and in turn alters the levels of the male hormone (testosterone).

Cheddar cheese

4 mg

Beef Stew

3.8 mg

Wholemeal bread

1.8 mg


1.5 mg


1.1 mg

White bread

0.6 mg


0.4 mg

White fish

0.4 mg


0.3 mg


Although arginine is not a mineral in itself, this essential nutrient contributes positively to the creation of sperm.

You can find arginine in foods such as carrots, garlic, onions, peppers, lettuce, spinach, apples and oats.

As we mentioned in the previous article dedicated to vitamins for the fertility of man, do not forget that taking a multivitamin without your doctor has recommended it is not at all advisable, mainly because if you follow a varied and balanced diet you are already contributing to your body the normal amount of vitamins and minerals you need, and especially because an excess of certain nutrients rather than benefit would harm your own fertility.

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