Nipple confusion syndrome and when to use a breast pump

Many babies have trouble feeding directly from their mother's breast, so it is normal for mothers to go to the pediatrician or midwife to advise on feeding their little one.

When a baby does not suckle properly or the mother suffers from nipple pains due to the sucking of her baby, it is convenient that the feeding is complemented with other methods without getting to confuse the baby.

The best way to complement the Breastfeeding is to try to feed the child without interfering with the suction of the nipple, usually the method of the syringe is usually very useful for those little ones who can not catch the nipple properly.

The premature babies They are also the hardest hit during lactation since they have less grip and can hurt the mother, so the syringe may be the best option to feed them.

What is nipple confusion syndrome?

The nipple confusion syndrome It can happen when we feed the baby with the breast and at the same time with the bottle.

Although many mothers use both methods because they have no choice, it can create some confusion when it comes to sucking the nipple and nipple.

To solve this problem, the syringe is used, although it can not contain an adequate amount of milk, it will be administered little by little, always with the middle finger on the palate of the baby and letting milk flow through it.

Syringe-nipple method

The syringes suitable for feeding the baby can be up to 60 cubic centimeters or smaller.

To be able to feed it with the syringe it will be necessary to insert the middle finger in the mouth of the baby until the palate, when the baby begins to suck milk will be let flow by the finger until the mouth of the baby.

At the time of feeding the baby with this method we need both hands, be comfortably seated and as not that the baby is equally comfortable.

The syringe-nipple method It is especially indicated for premature babies or those who confuse the teat with the nipple.

So, when to use a breast pump to use the bottle?

The breast pump is a device, which can be either manual or electrical, specially developed for express breast milk, becoming, therefore, a tool that is extremely useful for many moms at certain times, and under certain circumstances. But, what are those moments in which the use of the breast pump is recommended, and essential?

Sometimes your breasts produce more milk than the baby reaches during the shots. In these cases the breasts are too full and you will notice that you need to resort to extraction to relieve the weight you feel in your breasts.

The breast pump is also suitable for mothers to rest between feedings and gives parents the opportunity to bottle feed the baby with breast milk. Of course, we must pay special attention to what is known as nipple confusion syndrome.

As we have mentioned before, is that when breastfeeding is not yet fully implanted (because the baby is still newborn and we have not yet achieved), if we use the bottle and combine it with the breast we can get confused the little one

In these cases it would be most useful to use a syringe, useful for those babies who have a hard time catching the nipple, and therefore have not yet learned to do so.

Using the help of a breast pump and filling the bottle to feed the baby does not have to produce a rejection in the baby at the time of suckling. When the breasts are very full of milk the baby may find it more complicated to hold on properly to the nipple so it is convenient before hitting the baby to squeeze the nipples a bit to extract some milk before starting. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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