The burundanga or scopolamine: the drug that cancels your will

The burundanga (or scopolamine) is a drug whose effects or symptoms tend to eliminate the will of the person. Its use has grown alarmingly in recent years in sexual assault or robbery.

In fact, several cases have recently been reported in our country where they have been warned about the use of the so-called burundanga (or scopolamine), which is used by the human being to abuse another person, given that it is a substance that eliminates the will of the individual.

It is usual to be administered in alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, chocolates or cigarettes, although it can also be applied through the skin. Also, if the person has consumed alcohol previously, their action will be much more complex.

What is the burundanga or scopolamine?

It is popularly known by the name of burundanga, which has an Afro-Cuban origin and means potion or potingue. We found it in plants of the Solanaceae family, such as white henbane (Hyoscyamus albus), drunk (Datura stramonium) or the mandrake (Mandragora autumnalis).

It is a drug that, from a medical point of view, is used in tiny doses in the treatment of vehicle dizziness. But unfortunately in recent weeks there have been terrible cases whose use is another very different.

Effects of burundanga or scopolamine

The maximum effect of this drug is reached during the first 1 to 2 hours, then gradually yielding:

  • It alters the central nervous system.
  • It causes an effect of absolute passivity, since the person is not aware of their actions.
  • The person is unable to memorize the facts.
  • It induces the dilation of the pupils, the contraction of the blood vessels, the reduction of the salivary and stomach secretions.
  • It induces other phenomena resulting from the inhibition of the parasympathetic.

Basic tips to keep in mind

Taking into account that the drug is a substance that is administered with alcoholic and non-alcoholic glasses or cigarettes is essential monitor what is taken at all times, never accepting the drinks that another person we do not know give us, or smoking other cigarettes that are not ours.

Its effects disappear within a few hours, and in just 24 hours there is no presence of this drug in the blood, so in case you think you have been drugged with this substance you should go quickly to the police station and report the facts.

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