Nutritional tips to lose weight this summer

Summer is the main time of the year in which people want to get rid of the kilos caught during the winter to look great on the beach and in the pool. Thus, seeing that time is short, many resort to the well-known miracle diets, which are very harmful to health.

And not only that; is that, at the end, is what is known as a rebound effect, returning to gain the kilos lost, and even more, in some cases.

To lose weight in summer, it is not necessary to put health at risk. Below we have collected a series of tips that are worth taking into account to lose kilos during the summer. In addition, some essential foods to be consumed during the summer are indicated.

Tips to lose weight in summer

There are many people who believe that losing weight happens by stopping eating. Nothing is further from reality. The ideal is to make five meals a day; just a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts at mid-morning or mid-afternoon to keep blood glucose levels at bay and avoid the feeling of hunger at lunch or dinner.

A good idea to get rid of those extra kilos during the summer is to take a grapefruit on an empty stomach. A recently published study has shown that grapefruit naringenin can be a great ally to prevent obesity.

Although in summer the drinking of sodas is very tempting, it is better to avoid them if you want to lose weight. Soft drinks are the best example of what are known as "empty calories". Each can of 330 ml contains about seven tablespoons of sugar, which means the intake of 140 calories without any type of nutritional contribution.

Hydration in summer is essential. It is recommended to take two and a half liters of water daily. In this way, it is achieved not to dehydrate with the heat and, in addition, toxins and liquids retained in the body are eliminated.

Of course, it is essential to have the utmost caution regarding hygiene when handling food, especially if they are going to be consumed raw, to avoid any type of food poisoning.

Food to drink in summer

Vegetables and vegetables

Vegetables should become the basis of the diet during the summer because they provide water, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

They can be taken in many different ways so that it is not boring; For example, taking advantage of the summer and the days of sun and heat, the gazpachos or salads are an excellent idea.


The ideal during the summer is to take three pieces of fruit daily; Besides having great nutritional properties, certain fruits such as melon or watermelon contain a lot of water, so they are fantastic not to dehydrate. They can be taken, both whole and in the form of juice.


One of the most common foods when people go to the beach or to the pool during the summer are the sandwiches. Well, for all those who want to lose weight and keep their food at bay, the most advisable is to bet on whole wheat bread because it provides more fiber, more vitamins and minerals than white bread.


Legumes are another food that can not be missed in any summer diet because they have a high nutritional value and a high fiber content. Instead of taking them as cooked as in winter, they can be taken as a salad.


Of course, fish is a key food for all those people who want to lose a few kilos in summer. It is best to bet on blue fish such as bonito or sardines; They are very rich in Omega 3, as well as in proteins, phosphorus and iodine.

Ice creams

Ice cream is almost certainly the food most desired by adults and children in summer. The best are the homemade ice cream that are made with 100% natural ingredients, since its nutritional value is very high. Of course, at no time should replace the dessert fruit and have to be consumed in moderate amounts. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesSlim down

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