Rice cake with milk: Innovative recipe for Easter

The rice pudding It is a traditional dessert in many points of the peninsular geography, and also in the Canary Islands. Although it is a dessert that we can prepare at any time of the year, it is also part of the pastry made at Easter.

Rice pudding is a nutritious dessert and is the main basis of this recipe Rice pudding cake. With this recipe we can taste in another way the unique flavor of rice with milk, especially for lovers of this traditional dessert.

Recipe of rice cake with milk

The rice cake with milk is an easy recipe to make and it is very tasty. To prepare the rice cake with milk we can use different types of dough, such as a broken dough, pasta, or prepare a base with ground cookies.

We can make the cake in cold version or cook it in the oven. We must take into account having previously prepared the rice with milk and then make the cake.

If you want to make a traditional rice with milk and a homemade recipe you can see it in this link.

To make the cake we have prepared a base of ground cookies, and we have opted for the cold version.

We will need a removable and circular type mold of about 22 or 24 centimeters.


  • 500 grams of rice with milk.
  • 200 grams of cookies maria or napolitanas milled.
  • 100 grams of unsalted butter
  • 2 sachets of curd powder (Royal).
  • 60 ml. of whole milk or skimmed milk.
  • Ground cinnamon to decorate the cake.


  1. As we have said before, we will first make a rice pudding. Let it cool and grind it with the blender until it is pureed.
  2. If you like it more and prefer to notice the grains of rice you can leave it that way, without grinding. We reserve the arroz con leche to prepare the cookie base.
  3. We take the cookies and grind them well with a chopper or grinder. We can also do it with a roller.
  4. We put the butter to melt and once melted we mix well with the ground cookies and form a paste or dough.
  5. We spread the pasta well through the bottom of the mold and reserve.
  6. In a heater we put the milk to the fire to heat.
  7. When hot, add the two sachets of curd and stir to dissolve well and add it to the rice pudding we have reserved.
  8. Pour the rice with milk on the bottom of cookies and leave a while at room temperature to cool.
  9. When it is already cold we introduce the mold in the refrigerator so that the rice cake with milk curds well.
  10. We must keep it in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours or if we have better time one day.
  11. Carefully unmold the mold and present it on a plate or tray to take it to the table.

At the time of presentation sprinkle the rice cake with milk with a little ground cinnamon. ThemesRecipes of rice Recipes of Holy Week Recipes of pies

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