Rye: unique properties and benefits of a complete cereal

We do not have to tell you that the rye It is one of the most consumed foods in the whole world. It is very easy to prepare and its production cost is really low, making it one of the most "affordable" foodstuffs available.

In fact, it also becomes an essential ingredient of the popular Rye bread. In this sense, it is estimated that the bread has been part of the human diet for more than 12,000 years. At that time, a simple mixture of water flour was used, which was left baking in the sun for a couple of hours, which later gave rise to a piece of bread.

However, the rise of the industrial bakery for a couple of decades, has made bread has become an unhealthy food, especially if taken in large quantities. This is because it is usually prepared with a series of refined flours to which add preservatives, additives, salt and even sugar that will only make our cholesterol soar and therefore neglect our line.

Main properties of rye

In this sense, what is known as rye, a wonderful cereal that contains multitude of health benefits and we will go through the following article.

High fiber content

It can be said that fiber is one of the main elements of rye. In fact, it has been concluded that this type of food can provide us with a 30% of the recommended amount of fiber that we should take a day.

All this without mentioning that fiber will make us enjoy a better intestinal flora that will prevent some conditions like diarrhea and constipation. For this reason, it is recommended to take a slice of this bread in the morning along with a good piece of fruit to take the necessary amount of fiber.

Source of vitamins and minerals

Rye is also a inexhaustible source of vitamins of type B1. A compound that is also known as "thiamine" and that helps cells better metabolize carbohydrates and then convert them into energy. Therefore, it is a highly recommended food for athletes.

Likewise, rye is also very rich in a multitude of minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium Y potassium that will help strengthen all our bones and also strengthen our nervous system. Finally, also It has antioxidants that help prevent some cardiovascular diseases.

Very rich in linoleic acid

It should also be noted that rye is very rich in what is known as linoleic acid, another natural compound that is very beneficial for all veins Y arteries since you clean them of those toxins how much are stored along all its walls. This makes it a very beneficial food for those heavy smokers who need to widen and clean all their blood vessels.

Also, this Linoleic acid also regulates blood glucose levels due to its high triglyceride content. Thanks to this, it becomes a food to be taken into account for diabetics or those people who suffer from high cholesterol.

What other benefits does rye have?

Surely after reading all these lines, you have been much clearer all the properties of rye. However, the thing does not end here. This food also contains other benefits that we will summarize along this last point .

  • It has satiating properties. Because it is a bread with a high concentration of fiber, rye contains a high satiating effect if taken during any meal. In this way, its consumption is recommended for those who have a lot.
  • Avoid heart disease Magnesium is another element that is found in high amounts in rye bread. Thanks to this, we will be less exposed to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and even hypertension.
  • It is a hypocaloric food. A serving of rye contains only 73 calories while one made with wheat flour can exceed 250. In this sense, this food is a perfect ally for all those who seek to take care of their line or not take a few extra kilos.
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Health Benefits of Rye (February 2020)