The tradition of eating lentils on New Year's Eve and how to make lucky lentils

From the time of the Romans, in Ancient Rome they were given away lentils that were carried in a leather bag tied to the belt or waist to attract wealth. Lentils are one of the first legumes that both the Greeks and the Romans cultivated and for them it was a legume of great value.

According to the story, friends and family were given a sachet of lentils that night to wish them good luck and to attract wealth in the New Year that was about to begin.

The tradition of cooking and eating lentils at New Year's Eve or New Year's Eve is a tradition that goes back a long way back to the Middle Ages in Italy.

The idea of ​​cooking and eating lentils that night is a tradition that has been spreading little by little and that continues in the countries of Latin origin including Spain and Italy.

Eating a plate of lentils that night according to tradition brings luck for the coming year and this food is known as "The lentils of luck".

In Italy instead of ending New Year's Eve and receiving the New Year by eating the 12 grapes as in Spain, they receive the New Year by eating lentils.

The lentil dish that is cooked and is popular in Italy is the lentils with cotechino, the cotechino is very similar to the butifarra.

For a few years at home we have the custom or tradition of cooking some lentils and eating them, even if they are a few, a spoonful of lentils accompanying any dish we have prepared for the New Year's Eve dinner.

Then what we have left of those exquisite lentils we finish in the New Year's meal.

The lentils can be prepared in different recipes, in stewed, stewed, stewed, only cooked with onion, salt and bay leaf.

As we have said before we can cook and taste " the lentils of luck " in the way that we like the most.

Here we provide how to prepare a lentil stew that is very rich to eat lentils on New Year's Eve and attract good luck on the New Year.

Braised Lentil Recipe for New Year's Eve Dinner

The frying of lentils has been prepared with chorizo, which is an ingredient that should not be lacking in the flavor it brings to the lentil stew or any other vegetable stew that we prepare with the same recipe.

On other occasions we have also replaced chorizo ​​with Serrano ham, it is another option and they are also very tasty and allow us to vary the recipe of lentil stew.


  • 500 gr. of lentils type Lanzarote or pardina.
  • 200 of chorizo ​​in taquitos or wheels.
  • 2 carrots cut into pieces.
  • A large onion cut into pieces.
  • A small green pepper in taquitos.
  • 3 garlic cloves without skin and minced.
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • A teaspoon of sweet pepper.
  • A teaspoon of ground cumin.
  • A pinch of ground black pepper.
  • Salt.
  • Water.


  1. In a cauldron we put a small dish of olive oil to heat to poach the onion with low heat. When the onion is almost add the bell pepper taquitos and garlic cloves and brown a little next to the onion.
  2. When the pepper is golden brown add the sweet paprika, the cumin, the pepper, the chorizo ​​taquitos and stir everything well.
  3. Then add the lentils, chopped carrots, a little salt and water in sufficient quantity to be covered.
  4. Cook the lentils with minimal heat until tender, stirring frequently so they do not fall to the bottom and stick.
  5. We control the amount of water and add more water if necessary. We will give the lentils the point that we like the most or with a light or thicker sauce.
  6. Once the lentils are tender we put out the fire. We have the lentil stew in a tureen or deep dish and take them to the table to taste them warm.

We hope you like this simple and rich recipe and as tradition says bring you good luck next year.

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