The wonderful benefits of rice water

We are probably one of the most popular folk remedies in many houses, especially as a useful remedy for diarrhea: rice water. Unlike what is mistakenly thought, rice water is not the water with which you wash the rice under the tap before cooking it. It is more specifically about the water where you have cooked (that is, it is the liquid resulting from the cooking and preparation of the rice on the fire).

The truth is rice water provides an interesting amount of benefits and properties, not only nutritional but also curative, preventive and medicinal. And not only consumed internally, but also when applied externally on our skin.

The incredible properties of rice water

1. Excellent remedy against diarrhea

It is probably one of the benefits that rice water is best known for, although in reality, as we will see in detail throughout this note, it is not the only one. Rice water is a wonderful natural remedy with antidiarrheal action, especially useful and suitable if you suffer from diarrhea problems.

This quality is found in its high content in starch, which helps to normalize intestinal function, hydrates the body and helps to recover the fluid that we have lost due to diarrhea. It is an effective remedy in case of stomach flu Y gastritis. In fact, in case of gastroenteritis it becomes an effective traditional remedy in case of infantile gastroenteritis.

2. Good digestive

Precisely Because of its starch content, rice water is a wonderful digestive, helping in a very positive way when it comes to improving intestinal transit and curing or alleviating intestinal problems, abdominal pain and abdominal swelling. In addition, it is an excellent natural drink to take care of our intestinal flora naturally.

It is also a useful natural option when it comes to reducing nausea and relieving vomiting, being recommended as a natural remedy to relieve the nausea of ​​pregnancy, since it is a safe natural drink.

3. Cure constipation

Although for the fact of treating and curing diarrhea can be thought that only we are faced with an astringent remedy, the truth is that it also provides qualities for the opposite. In case of constipation regular consumption of rice water helps your treatment and healing, thanks precisely to the presence of starch.

4. Natural treatment against high blood pressure

Hypertension is a very common disorder that is diagnosed when our blood pressure is above 140/90 mm Hg (ie 140 mm Hg for the systolic or maximum and 90 mm Hg). Rice water helps both naturally treat and prevent high blood pressurebecause it contains very low levels of sodium.

5. Help prevent cancer

Rice water is a natural drink that helps balance the pH of our body, which means that provides protective effects against cancer, precisely because it promotes a little or nothing favorable environment for it.

It is a beverage that, far from acidifying the organism, balances it, making it a good preventive to reduce the risk of tumor development.

6. Wonderful for breastfeeding

Besides being a natural drink very suitable in case of pregnancy and morning sickness (so common and usual during this important stage), Did you know that it is also an interesting natural option during breastfeeding?. Some studies have found that stimulates the production of breast milk, something that is also linked to its nutritional wealth.

7. Excellent remedy for the skin

When it comes to skin care rice water is a remedy in many cases forgotten, but excellent. Why? Mainly because when it is applied on the skin stimulates the production of collagen and improves the health of the different deep layers of the skin.

Among other aspects, it helps improve the texture of the skin and softening it, providing an extra benefit of both cleaning and hydration. For this reason it is an excellent option to apply it on the skin, and elaborate a facial tonic rice water easily at home. It also contributes inositol, a complex that promotes the growth of cells can reduce open pores, provide more vitality to the face and prevent or delay aging.

8. Interesting hair benefits

In addition to its qualities on the skin, Rice water also provides interesting benefits for the hair. In fact, there are many specialists who advise it because it improves hair health, by strengthening hair, providing shine and a much more youthful appearance.

If you want to learn how to make your own rice water remedy, discover our note in which we explain how to make rice water  at home.

Images | Steven Depolo / iStock This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

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