Thyme: benefits and properties against cough

During the coldest months of the year, it is common for many people to get sick from flu Y colds, especially because when we are facing a change of season our body tends to feel somewhat weaker, and we are not as immune at other times.

Precisely for this main reason, it is highly recommended that, when the cold months approach (once the summer is over), we worry about knowing how to increase defenses.

With regard to their own home remedies for colds, Echinacea, for example, is one of the most recommended and used. But when the cold or flu is accompanied by intermittent cough, the thyme It is particularly useful and interesting.

Benefits and properties of thyme against cough

The thyme It is a typical botanical species that we find in the Mediterranean flora, of which in herbal medicine its rich essential oil is used (rich in active principles).

In what has to do with the benefits of thyme, it stands out because it has antiseptic properties, ideal against the different pulmonary infections that can occur throughout the year.

It is extremely positive against spasmodic cough, pertussis and episema, being spasmolytic and soothing.

But its benefits do not just happen because they are ideal against the symptoms of flu and colds, but because it helps against various digestive disorders, among which we find gas, flatulence and belching, and slow digestions.

The ideal is to consume it in the form of infusions, after meals in case it feels bad, or three times a day to relieve cough, especially at night before going to bed.

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