Can a pregnant woman drink rooibos tea?

Among the different teas and infusions that are consumed the most in the world, the one known as rooibos tea It is characterized by being precisely one of the most popular, standing out for being a natural drink with a mild flavor and sweet aroma, some of its main differences with tea.

In fact, unlike what is mistakenly thought, actually the one known as rooibos tea It is not a tea in itself fundamentally because it is a drink that is not obtained from the tea plant (known as Camellia Sinensis) but it is obtained from another plant of African origin, specifically from a legume, called Aspalathus linearis. It is popularly known also with the name of red bush tea, precisely because of the color of its roots

Therefore, it is more an infusion than a tea, although both traditionally and popularly known as the rooibos tea.

Precisely when a woman becomes pregnant it is very common for her to have doubts about which foods or drinks are recommended to consume, and which would not be so advisable during pregnancy. In the case of rooibos and other related drinks doubts are very common, especially if before you get pregnant and you took it regularly.

Is it safe to take rooibos during pregnancy?

Luckily, you must stay totally calm, since rooibos tea is a safe drink during pregnancy. Moreover, it is not only a safe natural beverage, but recommended during the first months of pregnancy due to its incredible richness in antioxidants (especially polyphenols). But let's go in parts.

The main reason why rooibos tea is safe when consumed during pregnancy is because it is a drink that contains practically no side effects and also does not contain caffeine, unlike other drinks that do contain it, such as coffee or tea, and that should be consumed in moderation.

And why is it so appropriate during the first trimester and early stages of pregnancy? Your benefits are found in your richness in antioxidants, which help fight the lowering of defenses that usually occurs during the first months of pregnancy, while preventing your body to reject the embryo. Further, prevents spontaneous abortions.

But its properties are not only there, since these antioxidants favor blood circulation, at the same time that protects both your cells and those of the fetus.

On the other hand, its low amount of tannins (which are found in high concentrations in tea) make it a safe option, since they do not interfere with the absorption of iron, which is very important during pregnancy to favor the proper flow of blood to the baby.

What benefits does it bring in pregnancy?

As we have seen, rooibos is a safe drink both when consumed outside of pregnancy and when you are pregnant. In fact, it is a natural beverage even more suitable than coffee and any other variety of tea, since it does not contain caffeine or theine.

Unlike other plants, the rooibos does not contain oxalic acid, which means that it is a beverage that does not cause irritation of the kidneys as it does with certain varieties of tea. It is more, according to many studies, it would help to delay aging.

It is an interesting drink when it comes to take care of our cardiovascular system, since containing high amounts of aspalatine is extremely beneficial in preventing heart disease as a result of arteriosclerosis, a common alteration of aging (and the follow-up of unhealthy and high-fat diets), which causes hardening , increased thickness and loss of elasticity of the different arterial walls.

Below we summarize what are the properties that, during pregnancy, rooibos contributes particularly to the future mother and baby:

  • It is safe: because it contains practically no contraindications or side effects. Moreover, it does not contain any theine or caffeine, being a drink still much safer than other options equally considered suitable in pregnancy, such as coffee and tea (always at normal doses and without excess).
  • Ideal for the first trimester of pregnancy: since it is a drink that stimulates the body's defenses, which tend to weaken during the first months. It is a useful option that helps prevent a possible rejection of the embryo.
  • Antioxidant qualities: rooibos is a natural drink rich in antioxidants, which help protect the cells of the future mother and the fetus. On the other hand, this wealth in polyphenols protects the mother against allergies that aggravate immunological reactions.
  • It is rich in iron: therefore it is an ideal drink because it improves the blood flow to the baby.

As we see, the rooibos can be taken with total and absolute tranquility during pregnancy. Of course, as with any other food and drink, as long as it is in normal quantities: no more than 3 cups a day. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesPregnancy nutrition

Rooibos Tea Pregnancy - Is Drinking Rooibos Tea During Pregnancy Safe? (November 2023)