Tips for soothing back pain

Surely at some point in your life you will have felt Back pain, or discomfort directly related to this part of the body, so "abused" on many occasions.

On the causes of appearance, although in a certain sense there can be many, the reality is that we can summarize them in: traumatic overload as a result of a bad or excessive lifting of heavy loads, or because of bad postures (due to work and / or study ), which little by little tends to cause discomfort and pain.

In relation to the first cause, it is fundamental whenever we are going to load something to try to bend the knees and bend with the back straight. While in relation to the second cause, it is best to re-educate ourselves and maintain good posture.

But when the Back pain has already appeared, what to do to calm down ?.

In the first place, there is no doubt that in case of a lot of pain, it is essential to go to the doctor, who will prescribe the medicines and the most appropriate treatment to reduce the inflammation and relieve the discomfort and related pains.

It can also be useful to give us a massage, which helps when it's time to relax and relax your back.

Tips to relieve and calm back pain

  • Stretching exercises: lie on your back and raise your knees to your chest, holding this position for at least 15 seconds, then return to the original position. It is advisable to repeat this movement several times, until the voltage is released little by little.
  • Re-educate your postureIn addition to sitting correctly at your place of work or study, or even when you are watching television, using a lumbar pillow is useful to place it in the natural curve of your back.
  • Deep breaths: the deep breathing that is practiced during the relaxation / meditation helps to bring relief to your back and relieve it, since you increase and improve the oxygen supply to all your muscles.
  • Use a roller for massages: with the help of another person, using a roller for massage is useful to relieve tension while exercising both your muscles and your tendons.

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