What grapes are good for

The grapes are the fruits that are obtained from the vine, which grows in tight clusters and usually come in bunches, characterized by being a sweet-tasting food of small size, which can be eaten alone, in certain recipes, or are used in the elaboration of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, such as must, wine and vinegar (widely used as a dressing). When the fruit is allowed to dry it becomes a nut, and is known by the name of raisin.

Depending on the type and variety they can be black and yellow (the most common), although we can also find them brown, orange, gold, purple or white depending on their evolution and development. In regard to its varieties, the most consumed and cultivated is the species Vitis Vinifera, characteristic of Mediterranean Europe and Central Asia.

The truth is that if we look at the different benefits of grapes, we realize that in reality they become an extremely healthy food, which brings interesting qualities and properties to our health, especially when their consumption is regular.

Very good for vision

The grape is one of the most popular and popular fruits that exist for the Vision and vision care, thanks to its very high content in natural antioxidants, that helped to prevent and delay the evolution of macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration is a disorder that causes the oxidation of the retina, causing, among other consequences, difficulties to read and to see due to blurred vision, producing a loss of sharpness and visual acuity.

On the other hand, a regular consumption of grapes is also very useful and suitable for those who work long hours in front of the computer screen. They also help in the prevention of cataracts.

To enjoy its qualities and benefits for vision, just eat the equivalent of a cup of grapes every day.

Excellent against high blood pressure

Hypertension is diagnosed when blood pressure remains above 140/90 mm Hg with some regularity, and a minimum of three times (that is, it remains above this value in different endings).

In this sense, grapes are beneficial for hypertension thanks to its flavonoid content, which They exert a protective effect and help positively when it comes to reducing high blood pressure. In fact, different scientific studies have found that consuming red grapes regularly helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Ideal against cholesterol

The truth is that we can say that grapes are especially interesting when it comes to take care of our cardiovascular health, since in addition to being useful both in the prevention and in the reduction of arterial hypertension, they are also ideal when there is high cholesterol.

A study carried out by researchers from the Complutense University of Madrid, and published in the specialized edition Nutrition, allowed to state that consuming an extract from the dietary fiber of the grape helped to reduce total cholesterol levels up to 14%, and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels by 11.6%.

This quality is found both when we consume fresh whole grapes and in the form of juice or juice.

Simply wonderful for the health of the skin

The different qualities of grapes are not only found internally for our body, but also externally for our skin. In fact, being rich in natural antioxidants help fight the negative effects of free radicals, which as you surely know, decisively intervene in aging.

On the other hand, they also provide moisturizing and protective skin benefits, being ideal to enjoy a skin smooth and taken care of.

Their seeds also bring interesting benefits

The seeds or seeds that we find inside the grapes also provide interesting benefits:

  • They are rich in essential fatty acids, which among other aspects provide softening and moisturizing qualities, being equally useful in the care of the skin by helping to reinforce the protection of the natural barrier of the skin.
  • They are rich in antioxidants, by providing OPC antioxidants, vitamin C and E, as well as beta-carotene.
  • They promote and improve blood circulation, thanks to its richness in antioxidants and bioflavonoids.
  • Powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Useful in case of skin problems, dermatitis, sinusitis, gastritis and arthritis.
  • It helps to prevent degenerative diseases.
  • Good for the cardiovascular system: it helps prevent the accumulation of fat in the arteries and in the liver.
  • Useful in hair growth and skin care.

Grape juice protects your heart from cardiovascular diseases

Recently it has been possible to know, thanks to a study, that it seems that grapes can help protect the heart, especially against cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers from the Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg (in France), have been able to confirm that the grape juice It has a great protective power against cardiovascular diseases.

As has been confirmed, this is possible thanks to its high content in polyphenols, which activate endothelial cells.

At the moment when these are stimulated, they produce Nitric oxide, what favors better circulation, and help to take care of the state of the blood vessels.

Of course, scientists have warned that not all strains are the same.

Especially, because only some have enough polyphenols to play their cardioprotective role.

And finally, do you know why they eat grapes on New Year's Eve ?.

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Nutrition Advice : Health Benefits of Grapes (March 2023)