5 rare phobias you've never heard of

It is very normal for each of us to suffer some phobia throughout our lives. To the spiders, to the closed spaces, to the heights, to speak in public ... All these are fears that are the most common and that we can deal with over the years. However, there are other phobias that turn out to be most unlikely and surreal.

Are you curious about what they are? Well, although there are many, from NatureVia we have made a selection of five of them that are sure to leave you with your mouth wide open.


Xanophobia is simply defined as the irrational fear of yellow. The truth is that it is curious that a tone as colorful and alive as this can cause phobia to thousands of people around the world. But what is the cause of this rejection of everything that has a little yellow?

Because many people associate this color with the mere fact of contracting a serious illness that can later lead to a slow and painful death.

The appearance of this phobia can also be due to traumatic experiences that have been experienced throughout history with this color. In fact, it was the playwright Molière who died in one of his performances while representing a character dressed entirely in yellow.

From this moment on, the popular belief was that this color brings bad luck if we abuse it when we climb on a stage.


The truth is that the little word is brought to them. And the truth is not for less. As its name suggests, the hipopotomontrosesquipedaliofobia is the fear people have of very long words or phrases.

Moreover, their fear is applied both orally and in writing and therefore they get a considerable anxiety every time they see it written or have to pronounce it.

However, although it is a rare phobia, it has a fairly simple explanation. As we have explained at the beginning of the article, there are many people who are stage frightened when facing a crowd. Well, when talking and expressing themselves in front of them with such long words, it makes them even more ridiculous if they make any mistakes.


The truth is that this is one of the most curious phobias. Crematophobia is the inherent rejection of money, regardless of where it comes from. And what can be the causes of this rejection? Surely many will ask. Because many people consider money as a form of corruption of the human being and its most basic values.

Hence, there is a fear on the part of many people when it comes to collecting large amounts of bills and coins. It can also be because they have had traumatic experiences with money in the form of gambling or lottery.


Another of the phobias that can be the strangest. This consists of fear without meaning both to the navels of our own body, as those of all the people around us. The reason for omphalophobia is not entirely clear. Although it may be linked to the fact that this is where life is born (through the umbilical corner) and therefore death can come later.

The bad thing about this phobia is that it can have a negative impact on the daily life of those who suffer from it. Unable to see your own belly button, a task such as bathing or changing clothes can become a real odyssey.


As its name indicates, the papaphobia supposes the absolute rejection of the Father of the Catholic Church, regardless of who it is at that moment. This is because these people consider the Pope almost as a mystical character, the same representation of God on Earth. Hence, they do not want to get too close to her.

They have the preconceived idea that the Supreme Pontiff can enter their minds to manipulate them at will because they have powers that come from God himself. Although they do not want to suffer from anxiety, it will only be necessary not to go near the Vatican. Seeing is believing. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

5 Weird and Rare Phobias You Have Never Heard of (May 2023)