Acupuncture, effective in relieving pain

Acupuncture is based on the insertion of needles in points of the human body to heal or relieve pain.

It is, in fact, an authentic science coming directly from the Traditional Chinese Medicine, which in the last decades has been scientifically studied.

Thanks to these studies, for example, we know that Acupuncture is certainly effective in alleviating certain pain.

The acupuncture would come to consist of manipulation and insertion of needles in certain points of the human body, with the aim of healing or alleviating certain pains.

From very old, it is based on the idea that, in our organism, there is a system of channels through which the vital energy.

But if that flow is interrupted, various pains and pathologies can develop.

Mainly acupuncture is indicated for all kinds of discomforts that cause pain, especially in back pain.

The most used technique is carried out with fine metallic needles that are inserted in specific points of the patient's body.

The sessions are usually between 5 to 10, and the price of them usually ranges between 60 and 80 euros, although there are several public centers that include this technique, as is the case of Andalusia.

Acupuncture, is it effective?

We know that the correct application of many natural therapies are positive for our own health, as long as, of course, they are practiced by professionals specialized in them.

Two studies carried out by researchers from the American universities of Southampton and Maryland have shown the efficacy of acupuncture to relieve pain, thus providing greater mobility to chronic patients if combined with other therapies.

Some interesting questions, to summarize

  • It consists of the insertion and manipulation of needles in certain points of the human body.
  • It pursues the goal of healing or alleviating pain.
  • They are recommended between 5 or 10 sessions.
  • The price will depend on the center or specialist where you go, although it ranges between 60 and 80 euros.

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