Advice for those who should stay in bed

With the arrival of cold, and especially autumn and winter, it is quite common that, every year, many people tend to get sick from the so-called seasonal flu, as well as many colds or various respiratory disorders.

The change of weather, together with the change of season and the passage especially of a hot weather (as it is the summer) to a much colder time (as it is the autumn and the winter), causes a reduction in the defenses, reason for the which is advisable to know how to increase the defenses naturally.

Although it is true that the majority of respiratory infections that occur in winter usually have a resolution without problems, in certain occasions it is necessary that the person must stay in bed for several days or even a few weeks, which in turn helps the body to recover properly.

For these cases, it is advisable to know some useful tips that will help you in these moments.

Useful tips when saving bed

  • Ventilate the room: It is essential for the air in your room to be renewed, while at the same time eliminating germs and viruses. Try to ventilate the room at least twice each day.
  • Ventilate the mattress: It is common that, when we are sick with the flu or colds and the fever is with us, we tend to sweat a lot. This is very positive, but it is essential to ventilate the mattress by changing the sheets.
  • Change the sheets: Fever and sweat makes the sheets on our bed get dirty faster. It is convenient to change them from time to time, since the perception of resting in clean sheets will help you eliminate the virus more quickly (the person's mood changes).
  • Turn the mattress over: This is advisable once the person has already become good and is not sick. It will allow the correct aeration of the same.

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