Beneficial nutrition against free radicals

The free radicals they are reactive and extremely unstable atoms - usually oxygen - that originate as a chemical reaction of our body due to the use of food.

Although it is normal for our body to generate these free radicals, the truth is that although these can intervene in different physiological cell functions beneficial to the organism, the truth is that they have a great potential to damage both our cells and the genetic material they contain.

This is mainly because they are able to react very quickly with different molecules.

Therefore, it is always appropriate to purify our organism at least once a year, since it is a useful natural option to eliminate toxins from our body. Obviously this helps, but it is also essential to follow a balanced diet, rich in nutritionally healthy foods, practice physical exercise and also follow a healthy lifestyle in general.

With regard to the food we can follow, we must pay special attention to what foods or food groups it is advisable to consume to eliminate free radicals.

The best foods against free radicals

  • Fruits: Fruits are foods that can not be missed in a balanced diet, so it is essential to consume 1 to 5 servings a day every day. Among the most suitable fruits are red fruits, such as strawberries or blueberries. We must also highlight the kiwi or citrus.
  • Vegetables and vegetables: they are also recommended foods, since they are rich in essential nutrients. Highlights include green leafy vegetables, as well as onions and garlic, as well as broccoli.
  • Vegetables: lentils, beans or chickpeas are equally beneficial.

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