This is what happens to your body if you do not eat breakfast

We have all gone through those days in which, due to haste or carelessness, we have gone out to do our daily activities without the famous "most important meal of the day", or we have simply been too lazy to get up in the morning hours and We skip breakfast, but what happens when we do not have breakfast?

The popular saying that says breakfast is the most important meal It is as obvious as it is real. In fact, there are many consequences for our health when we skip breakfast, especially if we do it regularly.

What's more, it sure is a question that you do not normally ask yourself; In the next article we will tell you what are the consequences for health after not having breakfast.

Health consequences of not having breakfast

As is well known, not having breakfast can bring problems for the health of the individual, but what are these problems specifically? And can these problems affect our personal lives?

First of all, you must know that the body enters a state of prolonged fasting. And what does this mean?. Basically it means that the body goes into a state of readiness to not receive food for long periods of time, since as it has lacked breakfast intake it does not know when it will eat again.

Is this really bad? Yes, since when eating lunch, our body will absorb it mainly as fat, since it does not know if it will consume food again in a long period of time, avoiding you to obtain the benefits that would be provided by lunch or dinner. dinner.

On the other hand, glucose levels rise, since we will eat unnecessarily more food at lunch time because we will have a better appetite.

The consequence is more than evident if the habit of not having breakfast is maintained over time: it is foreseeable that we will gain weight, especially if that greater caloric intake is not compensated by a greater practice of physical exercise (or we maintain greater physical activity at throughout the day).

In fact, if the lack of breakfast becomes a habit as has been observed in certain cases, the individual who adopts this lifestyle is susceptible to get to suffer the following conditions or diseases that we will list below:

  1. The body mass index can be increased in the individual who has the habit of not having breakfast.
  2. The risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases by 21%.
  3. In men, the risk of suffering a heart attack rises 27%, the lack of breakfast can be a severe cause for the aggravation cardiac of an individual.
  4. In women, the possibility of presenting elevation of cholesterol in the blood.
  5. You get a higher risk of obesity.
  6. The individual comes to possess high cholesterol and triglycerides.

It should also be borne in mind that breakfast is the provider of 25% of the daily nutritional needs; In addition, it has been proven that not having breakfast reduces the functions of the brain, causes greater irritability and affects both the concentration of the person and their memory.

Not to mention, that the prolongation of a breakfast diet caused a lack of iron and vitamins in the body, thus giving rise to a poor circulation of oxygen and causing a malfunction of the brain.

Eat an optimal breakfast to start the day

It is already known that the lack of breakfast causes a series of negative effects that can be really serious for the organism, brain and personal life, without this we do not have the necessary energy to carry out our daily activities.

But what is the right breakfast, what should we eat to start the day optimally with a balanced breakfast? Your breakfast should contain 30% vegetables, 25% cereals, legumes and tubers, 25% protein and 20% fruit.

Of course, you can vary this percentage to what you have at the time of making breakfast, we advise you to leave everything neat and prepared at the time of making it the previous day, remember to have breakfast of half an hour after having gotten up, so that you take yourself by surprise that you have gone back to work without breakfast.

And if you want to learn and discover more, we encourage you to discover how to start the day with energy, with these simple and easy to follow tips.

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