Calories of non-alcoholic beverages

Whenever we talk about the calories from drinks The most common and usual is to refer only to the calories of alcohol drinks, mainly because they tend to be the ones with the highest caloric content, and therefore contribute to our body after consumption.

In the same way, when we follow a certain weight loss diet, the most normal thing is to look at the caloric content of the foods we consume, but not in the drinks that we take more or less regularly.

For example, in the aperitif or during the meal it may be usual to have a glass of beer or a glass of wine, but if your thing is not alcohol, you surely opt for other drinks that, however, do provide calories, as is the case of a glass of soda or even a glass of juice (evidently, not just freshly made, but the packaged juices that we buy in the supermarket).

It is recommended to always opt for water instead of any other drink at the time not only to reduce thirst, but even at mealtime, and only leave drinks with alcohol for special occasions or simply for toasts.

Here we propose a list of calories that give you certain highly consumed non-alcoholic drinks, by caloric content of drinking glass:

Mineral water

0 kcal

Tonic waters

70 kcal

Packaged fruit juice

85-90 kcal

Cola drink

90-130 kcal

Orange or lemon-lime soda

85-125 kcal

Light cola soft drink

1 kcal

Flavored water

60 kcal

Light flavored water

5-10 kcal


65 kcal

Infusion of tea or herbs

4 kcal


5 kcal


26 kcal

Cocoa shakes

81 kcal

Strawberry or vanilla smoothies

62-66 kcal

Energy drink

45 kcal

Iced tea

29 kcal

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