Clostridium Novyi: the soil bacterium that could help heal tumors

The truth is that it could be a curious news, almost typical of those news that are only published during the summer months ... but, fortunately, it seems that we would face a huge advance thanks to the work of a group of researchers from the Kimmel Cancer Center of the Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore (Maryland, United States).

And, according to the studies carried out, the bacterium Clostridium Novyi (which we found on the ground and that only thrives in oxygen-poor environments), but in a modified version, could produce a strong antitumor response.

In the studies, the team of researchers of the aforementioned university eliminated one of the genes that produce toxins from the bacteria (and that can cause infections damaging the tissue in humans, in cattle and sheep), so that This form made it much safer for its therapeutic use.

In this sense, the direct injection of spores of this bacterium into the tumor of 16 dogs that were being treated by tumors of natural origin was tested. While 6 of the dogs presented an antitumor response just 21 days after their first treatment, 3 of those 6 showed complete eradication of their tumors. Further, the length of the tumor diameter decreased by at least 30% in the other 3 dogs.

Most dogs experienced typical side effects to those that occur during a bacterial infection: fever, inflammation and tumor abscesses.

A few months later a phase I clinical trial of the spores of this bacterium was carried out, in a patient who presented an advanced soft tissue tumor in the abdomen, and received the injection directly in a metastatic tumor in the arm. The treatment reduced significantly in and around the bone.

The researchers clarify that the study in humans is ongoing, so that the final results of the treatment are not yet available.

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