Consequences and effects of excessive consumption of salt on health

When you have hypertension (that is, high blood pressure), one of the main recommendations and basic guidelines that the doctor gives his patient, is to reduce or avoid as much as possible the salt intake through the daily diet.

In this sense, the increase in blood pressure is a clear and obvious risk factor for not only cardiovascular but also kidney disease.

As many doctors and nutritionists have already reported, the recommended salt intake must not exceed 1.5 g. necessary for the proper functioning of the organism.

But what are the Consequences of salt consumption in health? what are your effects more direct ?.

Consequences of excessive salt consumption in health

While it is true that the salt intake It is recommended, since it helps the body to correctly perform certain basic functions for life, the truth is that the recommended daily consumption should not be exceeded.

Since, when consumption is high, you may have the following effects In the health:

  • Increase the risk of hypertension.
  • It can cause the appearance of heart diseases.
  • Saturates kidneys ( purify the kidneys), causing a malfunction and leading, with the passage of time, to a possible renal failure.
  • It can cause cerebrovascular accidents.

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