Expectorant and antitussive iniston, to relieve cough

During the colder months of the year, especially in autumn and winter, the cases of colds and flu tend to increase considerably, mainly because during this time tend to increase the peaks of these two diseases, and because when there is more cold and greater humidity, in short the viruses that cause these two infections survive better.

Among the most common symptoms, we must bear in mind that there are certain differences between the symptoms caused by influenza and the symptoms caused by a cold. However, we can talk about two common symptoms: cough (which can be dry or with snot), and the own nasal congestion.

We can say that the cough consists in the violent, abrupt and noisy expulsion of the air that we contain in the lungs, produced mainly by irritation of the respiratory tract. You can also be aware, to keep the air in the lungs clean of various foreign substances. It is produced by the spasmodic contraction that results in the violent release of air from the lungs.

For those moments in which we are sick, and that ultimately we have a cough, we can choose different cough syrups and adequate medical treatments to alleviate and control it, as is the case with Inistón syrup. Surely you will know her for being an expert brand in cough care. In fact, today has a very wide range of syrups adapted to different types of cough.

But now the brand wants to go a step further in the treatment and relief of cough. And for this, in its new spot that we present below, wants to launch its new range of double action products: the most complete and effective formula for the treatment of both cough and nasal congestion.

In this sense you can opt for Expectorant and Decongestive Iniston (which relieves cough with runny nose and nasal congestion), and by Antitussive and Decongestive Iniston (which relieves dry cough and nasal congestion).

Expectorant (January 2021)