Feng Shui advice for home delivery

Nowadays it is very common for people, for various reasons, to carry out work activities from home either because of overwork or because they have chosen to start an independent task that allows them to better perform their free time by not having to travel by subway or bus to the commercial office.

That is why, when developing a work activity from the domestic spectrum, it is very important to adequately harmonize the spaces so as not to mix or exceed the limits of each one of them.

It is of priority interest that we incorporate the concepts and philosophy of feng shui before harmonizing the appropriate energies into the decoration of this space before starting this new activity.

First of all we will remind you what feng shui means. It is an ancestral art based on the Chinese cosmogony, which seeks the improvement of environmental conditions that promote the welfare and general harmony of the individual with their environment.

Some useful Feng Shui tips to keep in mind if you have the office at home

One of the main tasks is in the decoration of the new environment the proper use of colors: if you paint green the walls will give a touch of freshness to the new office in your home. If you combine with orange you will give the point of creativity that any activity needs. White is always a color that combines with everything and will give you the confidence to start any new project.

It is also very important not to invade environments. What does this mean? Simple: you should not mix relax or rest with work. Translated in a better way you should not locate the office of your house in the bedroom of your marriage.

Other necessary advice are the following:

  • Keeping the desk space tidy will make your tasks easier and is a basic feng shui tip
  • Avoid excess furniture. This will allow you freedom of movement and facilitate the flow of energy
  • The best thing is that if you start a new activity you renew completely. Therefore it is important that the office of your house look like new and then the advisable thing is that you invest a money in the purchase of a new piece of furniture. The desks in L run the risk of putting your back to the door and decrease the flow of energy.
  • A good painting or sheet, a carpet, a sphere, and even a small zen sand garden and clay or clay objects can help harmonize the place.
  • Another suitable advice is the use of soft lights to create a calm and relaxed work atmosphere. To achieve this it is convenient to have more than one lamp in the office to graduate the type of light, but without forgetting a table lamp to facilitate concentration.

In summary with feng shui what is sought is that the space helps the function, so a pleasant and inspiring place will lead to easy results and to enjoy while working. ThemesFeng Shui Alternative Medicine

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