Glaucoma: causes, symptoms and treatment

As reported by many ophthalmologists, in our country the so-called glaucoma It has become one of the main causes of blindness.

However, to avoid precisely that the situation of the patient reaches this extreme so serious, there is currently a treatment for glaucoma with which, the main objective, is to prevent blindness from appearing.

Only in some cases, not in the majority, intervention by surgery is required, but for this the patient should go as soon as possible to the ophthalmologist's office, as a way to try to start the treatment as soon as possible.

Glaucoma: a vision problem that can cause blindness

What is glaucoma?

Explained more or less simply, we can tell you that the glaucoma it consists in the elevation of the intraocular pressure, mainly due to an insufficient exit of the aqueous humor.

Because this condition presses the optic nerve, irreversible loss of vision can occur over time if the treatment prescribed by the ophthalmologist is not followed.

Symptoms of glaucoma

It is true that, as a general rule, the chronic glaucoma it tends not to cause symptom, although it does cause an initial loss of vision in areas of the central area of ​​the visual field.

In this sense, in its early stages it can go unnoticed for the patient. For this reason, before any change or decrease in the vision of the person, you should go quickly to an ophthalmologist, simply to help us know the causes.

What is the treatment of glaucoma?

As we explained in the previous lines, the glaucoma treatment As a general rule it consists of the use of drops whose objective is to decrease the intraocular pressure.

However, over time the patient may require surgery to prevent the glaucoma go to more.

How is glaucoma operated?

Depending on the type of glaucoma and the evolution of the same, there are different types of operation, among which we find non-invasive and ambulatory treatments, even surgical techniques in themselves.

Within the latter option, there are currently advanced techniques that help reduce intraocular pressure, creating controlled escape routes for aqueous humor.

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What causes glaucoma, how is it diagnosed and how is it treated? (September 2021)