How to make low-calorie vegetable and vegetable juices

While it is true that, comfortably at home, we can make delicious satisfying shakes (which precisely help to satisfy our appetite, and therefore, are useful for weight loss and weight loss), we can also find magnificent low calorie juices.

They are natural drinks made from fresh fruits and vegetables, which provide most of the essential nutrients that our body so much needs to function correctly.

In addition, not only because of its low caloric content, but because of its high fiber and water content, they are recommended in weight loss diets, in addition to its great diuretic power.

Although since this blog is online, we have proposed a variety of delicious juices, this time we offer a compilation of some of the best low calorie juice recipes.

Recipes for low-calorie vegetables and vegetable juices

Onion and spinach juice

Although its flavor may be a bit strong, there is no doubt that this is one of the most appropriate juices to lose weight, since the Onion and spinach juice It contains ideal virtues when it comes to burning fat.

In particular, the onions They are low in calories, which in addition to being rich in vitamins and minerals, contain oils that help eliminate fat deposits, while being able to accelerate metabolism. While, the spinach, contains nutrients that help you lose weight and reduce fat.


To make this delicious juice you need 250 gr. of spinach leaves, 2 onions and 1 glass of water.

Making the juice of onions and spinach:

First wash the spinach leaves well, peel the onions and cut them into slices. Pass all the ingredients through the blender and mix them with the water. Stir well and serve.

Leek and carrot juice

The leek and carrot juice It is one of the most useful, healthy and adequate juices to lose weight, precisely when it comes to reducing those extra kilos.

Specifically, it is an extremely nutritious juice, rich in vitamins of group B (B1, B2 and B6), E, ​​K, C, folic acid and beta-carotene, in addition to minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, iodine or phosphorus, among others.

It is an ideal juice to eliminate the fat that has accumulated around the abdomen, thanks to the fact that beta-carotene accelerates the metabolism and helps to eliminate more quickly the fat deposits.


To make this delicious juice you need 1 leek, 4 large carrots and 1 glass of water.

Preparation of leek and carrot juice:

Wash all the ingredients well. Now remove the ends of the leeks and peel the carrots, chopping them well. Blend and stir. If you want, add a little water, especially if you want more water. It is convenient that you drink the juice immediately.

Cucumber and celery juice

There is no doubt that cucumber slimming is precisely one of the most appropriate foods when it comes to reducing those extra kilos; something that happens practically the same with the celery.

Both are extremely slimming foods because, in addition to refreshing, they contain not just calories (only 100 calories) and no fat.

And is that thanks to the water content of these two foods, help eliminate the stored fat in our body.


To make this nutritious juice you need 1/2 cucumber, 3 trunks of celery and 1 glass of water.

Preparation of cucumber and celery juice:

Wash both cucumbers and celery sticks well. Cut the cucumber into pieces like celery. Blend and stir well. If you want, add water to make it a slightly more liquid drink. It is convenient that you take it right away. ThemesJuice recipes

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