How to use the compass of Feng Shui or Luo Pan

Undoubtedly one of the basic elements of this oriental philosophy of Feng Shui is the way or the position with which we orient the objects that we put in the home, which would be like a kind of board in a game of chess.

And it is then that for this we need the compass of Feng Shui that will be the essential instrument to orient the objects in adequate time and space. The Luo Pan is the traditional compass used in Feng Shui. It uses the mobile needle system and an external plate that is adjusted manually.

This compass has two threads that cut to the plate in 4 sections. These four divisions represent the four protective animals of Feng Shui.

In addition to the central magnetic needle there are several concentric rings filled with information at the same time. In them you can read the relationships of the 8 trigrams, the 8 orientations, the 24 directions or mountains, as well as the astrological data such as the 28 constellations, the celestial trunks, the terrestrial branches and many other concepts that are applied to the art of Feng shui

How the compass of Feng Shui is used

Compasses generally work in the same way as a compass or compass. In this case you must take the compass table or base with both hands, hold it horizontally at waist height, and let the needle find its North and remain fixed in this position.
You must turn your body on its axis to make the N and 0 of the table perfectly match the direction of the magnetic needle. From here you can measure, in degrees, the appropriate orientations for each room and element of the home, following the notions learned in Feng Shui.

Compass values

The compass has a total graduation of about 360 °, divided into 8 zones of 45 ° each. To measure the orientation from the degrees, the following values ​​are followed:

  • North (Kan trigram) goes from 337.6 ° to 22.5 °
  • Northeast (Gen trigram) ranges from 22.6 ° to 67.5 °
  • This (Zhen trigram) ranges from 67.6 ° to 112.5 °
  • Southeast (Xun trigram) goes from 112.6 ° to 157.5 °
  • South (trigram Li) goes from 157.6 ° to 202.5 °
  • Southwest (Kun trigram) goes from 202.6 ° to 247.5 °
  • West (Dui trigram) goes from 247.6 ° to 292.5 °
  • Northwest (Quian trigram) goes from 292.6 ° to 337.5 °

What does each cardinal point mean?

  • North: relationships (be they loving, family, work or friendly)
  • Southeast: wealth and money
  • East: education
  • Northeast: children
  • Northwest: friends
  • West: pleasure
  • Southwest: health
  • South: fame

Keep in mind that the home is divided into 8 parts each according to the different areas of our life.

The ideal would be to find the path to success, that is, in the south (it would be the door). If the compass tells you that your door is to the west, then you must interpret, according to the sages of Feng Shui, that you are more inclined towards pleasure.

With the help of the compass you can investigate how to improve and move towards greater happiness by correcting the wrong areas of your home and promoting less favored factors such as health, money, love, family and work. ThemesFeng Shui Alternative Medicine