Rice flour and corn flour for the skin: unique benefits

The truth is that both the rice flour as the cornmeal They offer wonderful and incredible benefits for the skin, especially when they are used to make homemade masks.

In the particular case of rice flour, it is a type of fine flour that is made from rice, which has also been previously ground. As you surely know, rice is one of the most consumed cereals in the world, becoming for thousands of years one of the fundamental foods in many peoples of the past.

The truth is that when we talk about rice flour the reality is that we can easily make it at home. To do this, we only need a bowl of white rice and grind it well with the help of a mortar, and then pass it through a crushing machine (or machine to grind meat from the blender) to obtain a fine flour with a silky texture.

Benefits of rice flour for the skin

The rice flour applied on the skin acts as an absorbent, and also helps to dry it completely naturally. Hence, it is an economical and useful option to make facial and body powders.

In fact, it can become an excellent substitute for other related products, such as talcum powder (A white to greenish gray mineral that belongs to the group of magnesium silicates, and that has many applications in beauty and cosmetics), thanks to its qualities both moisturizing and softening the skin.

If you want to opt for rice flour, you can easily find it in herbalists and specialized food stores. Or, if not, you can prepare it yourself as we mentioned at the beginning of this note.

And what benefits does corn flour provide for the skin?

The cornmealIt is made from ground corn very finely. Although depending on your preparation, we can currently find 4 types of different corn flours.

The cornmeal It is a powder of fine consistency that is obtained from the grinding of the cereal by different methods. So, for example, we can find different types of flour:

  • Precooked corn flour: the corn is cooked before cooking.
  • Peeled corn flour: the corn is boiled shelled with lime (to be able to strip it of its shell).
  • Pile corn flour: the corn is ground even raw, and then cooked.
  • Roasted corn flour: the corn is roasted before grinding it.

Corn flour is also known by the name of cornstarch, and in countries such as Colombia, Mexico or Peru it is usual to use it not only in the kitchen (for the elaboration of recipes and traditional dishes), but also when preparing beauty recipes.

Among other benefits, it is especially useful for offering us the following properties:

  • The cornmeal It can become an interesting natural product when it comes to caring for and protecting the skin, thanks to its absorbing quality.
  • This main virtue converts corn flour into a useful remedy as a homemade antiperspirant. Of course, when it comes to enjoying its different properties, it is possible to combine it with rice flour.

How to use these two flours for beauty

To enjoy the different benefits provided by corn flour and rice flour for the skin, you can mix in a bowl a tablespoon of cornmeal and one honey, mixing well until you get a homogeneous mixture without lumps.

Apply the resulting paste on your face and leave on for at least 10 minutes. Finally rinse with warm water. ThemesSkin

Uses rice flour and cornmeal for the skin unique benefits, easy, fast and very cheap (July 2022)