Zen garden in our house

As we have told you in several moments, the so-called Zen Philosophy It is a very special type of philosophy, which is based on different aspects related to the balance of both the person on a physical level and the mind itself.

Specifically, it is based on the search and encounter of Enlightenment, communion with Nature, and the path towards the control of each one, and on adopting a type of Zen feed determined.

In this sense, the Zen garden is one of those characteristic elements of one's own Zen Philosophy, within which some of its bases are being - today - widely used in the West, especially from a decorative point of view.

Therefore, it is easy to acquire and use a Zen garden in our house, which will help us positively when it comes to enjoying absolutely all its benefits, among which relaxation and meditation more or less deep.

Zen garden in our house

The Zen garden can be used as both decorative and meditative element within the very foundations of the Feng Shui, an oriental technique that in fact in our country already enjoys some importance.

The Zen garden It is characterized because it is a type of "dry garden" that contains a surface in which white sand or gravel is placed in its interior, and that with the use of a rake, we can make paths or marks philosophically those goals we want to achieve.

We can also add natural elements (like moss), or small stones, which will also serve to complete the aesthetics and function of the Zen Garden.

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