8 Curious New Year's Traditions

Christmas is full of traditions all over the world. In each region, people live differently, and at the end of the year, curiosity becomes more present. It is clear that good wishes are always the common denominator of the curious traditions of the New Year. We give you a review of these. Which do you know?

We started, yes, with one of the closest traditions. It is Spain it is already normal to eat twelve grapes to the beat of the bell, at twelve o'clock at night, which marks the beginning of the new year that begins.

Discover the most curious Christmas traditions

1. The twelve grapes

The origin of this practice dates from the year 1909 when the harvest of grapes was superior and were taken during this night so significant. The number twelve is loaded with symbolism and hence the twelve grapes of luck are taken. After eating, it is usually to toast with a glass of champagne or champagne and congratulate the loved ones.

2. Eating lentils in Italy

They do not usually want to eat lentils during the last night of the year, but the tradition is when it comes to getting lucky to close the year and start a new one.

It's the dish they eat in Italy during New Year's Eve. It is said that even already the Romans gave, during this time, legumes to be converted into gold coins.

Lentils in Italy are equated to luck, money and fortune. Knowing this, it may now be the star dish of all homes during New Year's Eve.

3. The chimes of Japan

In Asia there are many different traditions for Christmas. In Japan they also play the chimes but they are no more or less than 108 times. It is said that the 108 sins of the human being are gone. And to attract fortune they usually eat toshikoshi-soba, a kind of long noodles.

4. Wear red underwear and other colors

In various Latin countries, in Spain too, there is the curious traditional of dressing in red underwear. They say that this is the beginning of a year with luck in various aspects.

Although in several countries red attracts love and yellow money, the truth is that in Spain we only wear red. The tradition of giving away bras, panties or red underpants extends and is already a gift expected by many.

5. Throw water out the window

Another tradition is to throw water through the window during New Year's Eve. It is something that identifies Uruguay, whose inhabitants usually throw a bucket of water through the window and, in this way, they come off the bad vibrations of the house. That way he cleans up his energy to start the New Year well. Before doing so, we recommend looking well below the advantage, lest we wet someone and start the year with bad skin.

6. 'First Footing' in London

It's not about doing the marathon or going for a run on the cold, cold New Year's Eve. In this case, it is traditional for the city of London to practice first jogging or be the first to arrive at the house of friends and family where to celebrate the end of the year, once the chimes are over.

It is a way to reduce the copious dinner, but it is really done to be the bearer of good luck in that house for the coming year.

7. Destrozar tableware

What do the Danes do? Well, it seems that they have plenty of dishes and destroy them during the New Year's Eve. In Copenhagen they get on chairs and jump out of them at the same time as the midnight chimes sound.

Everything is related again with the bad omens, because in this way they frighten the evil spirits. Then throw plates and cups to attract good luck of the year that begins.

8. Eat seven times

In Estonia they have one of the most curious traditions. They should eat seven times during New Year because it gives renewed strength to start the year. And they do it with typical products based on sausages, potato salads and marzipan and wine and champagne. ThemesChristmas

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