Caffeine and headache

It is true that the coffee It is one of the most consumed beverages in practically the whole world, along with the tea (another drink very consumed, especially in Eastern and Arab countries).

However, due above all to its high content in caffeine, it is true that it is also a drink on which there are many myths, the vast majority erroneous.

For example, it is believed that there is a relationship between caffeine and addiction, when the reality is that caffeine itself does not create addiction, only dependence when it is consumed for a long period of time.

But the reality is that originally there are many benefits of caffeine, some virtues that we can distinguish in the different effects of caffeine on health.

Of course, we should not confuse a regular consumption of caffeine in its normal measures with excessive consumption. For this reason, we must pay special attention to the amount of caffeine recommended, like how many cups of coffee can be taken per day.

In any case, what is the relationship between caffeine and headache?.

Does coffee and caffeine cause headaches?

The caffeine It is a substance that, as you know for sure, stimulates the transmission of nerve impulses through neurons. Not in vain, its virtues are known to activate and improve the functioning of the nervous system.

Although its moderate consumption is able to tone the body and bring vitality, it is also possible that in people accustomed or used to drinking coffee daily, when they can not do it they suffer headache.

This becomes, in fact, one of the most characteristic symptoms when a person can not or does not stop drinking coffee, precisely because of that dependency that causes (which should not be confused with addiction).

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