Chestnut cake: delicious recipe for autumn evenings

If you were to ask for a tremendously characteristic autumn food, which we can pick up ourselves when we walk through the countryside and are delicious when we roast them over the fire, it is quite likely that the chestnuts Be the first to come to your head. And, indeed, we are faced with a delicious food hallmark of the autumnal months, although it is also very common in many homes to associate not only with autumn but also with Christmas.

As you surely know, the chestnut consists of the fruit that is obtained from the common chestnut. For months it develops inside a kind of green dome very characteristic to be covered with long spikes that can get puncture when we touch with your fingers, which is why we must be careful when trying to collect the chestnuts inside In this sense, the simplest thing is to get a wooden stick to remove the chestnuts inside the dome or help our feet, stepping on them with care.

From a nutritional point of view Chestnuts stand out for their great nutritional wealth, very appropriate during this time of year when it is so common for the symptoms of the well-known autumnal asthenia, by giving us excellent amounts of B vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

It stands out for being a tremendously versatile food, which means that it can be eaten alone (either raw or roasted over a fire), or included in a wide variety of recipes, not only sweet but also salty. And with them we can make a drink that becomes a wonderful alternative to milk of animal origin during these months: the delicious chestnut milk.

This time we want to learn how to make a delicious dessert ideal for the cold autumn afternoons, which we can drink hot accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee: an exquisite chestnut cake, that we can elaborate with the chestnuts that we have taken from the field in the company of relatives or friends. You dare? Too easy.

Chestnut cake recipe

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 kg. of chestnuts
  • 4 egg yolks + 2 egg whites
  • 70 gr. of butter
  • 1/4 kg. of sugar
  • 60 gr. of chopped almonds

Preparation of the chestnut cake:

Peel the chestnuts carefully, put water in a large saucepan until coated and cook in boiling water for a few minutes, until tender and the skin is removed easily. Once cooked, pass them through the masher. Reserve the chestnut mass.

Meanwhile soften the butter a bit so that you can then beat it well, either leaving it for a few hours at room temperature or heating it for a few seconds in the microwave. Then cut it into pieces.

Put the pieces of softened butter in a large bowl and beat well with the sugar. Add four egg yolks and the chestnut puree, mixing well again.

Assemble four egg whites until stiff, and when ready add them to the previous mixture of chestnuts.

Grease a cake pan with a little butter. Put the mixture in the mold and place it in the oven at moderate heat for about three quarters of an hour. Once ready, unmold the mold when it is cold.

To finish, beat two more egg whites with a bit of sugar and decorate with a pastry bag. Ready!. If you want you can accompany over a few pine nuts. ThemesCake recipes