Eat slowly and simply enjoy. Tips to get it

We live in the midst of a stressful and stressful society, where speed and speed as we do things are more important, and it is more valued, than to try to do them slowly and in a relaxed way. All this results in the increase of people affected by stress, anxiety, and other related mental and emotional problems. What can affect us not only mentally and emotionally.

Did you know that it can also adversely affect our digestive system, and above all, our own weight? When we want to lose weight or simply maintain it, one of the classic and fundamental recommendations that are made from the start is Eat slow Y chew food well.

What are the benefits of eating slowly?

If we eat slowly enjoying each bite and the taste of each food, we get our digestive system tend to digest food better. Also, by not eating fast to our brain, the signals that tell us that we feel satiated will arrive on time, so we avoid overeating.

Especially because it is more advisable to eat quietly and, if possible, relax, enjoying what we are taking without hurry.

For example, it is known that the process of digestion begins from the moment we put the food in our mouths, so chewing more and eating more slowly will give our body the necessary time not to suffer a indigestion or not feel our Stomach swollen.

It has been shown that eating slowly, we eat less food than if we did it quickly and, therefore, we end up consuming much less calories at the end. Especially for an issue that should be taken into account: our stomach needs approximately 20 minutes to notice that it is full.

A better option is to avoid eating alone or watching television, something that many people in many homes around the world do. And when we talk to someone while we eat, the food is much more enjoyable.

Needless to say, another good recommendation is to avoid studying or working while we are eating, given that in the first place we will not give these activities all the attention they should have, and secondly we will not enjoy the different flavors and the texture itself have what we are taking.

And do not forget one thing: enjoy the food at every moment, because eating, in short, is one of life's greatest pleasures ...

How can we eat more relaxed?

Although throughout the present note we have already offered you some basic tips that could be of great help to you, here are some quick tips that will help you to achieve your purpose more easily:

  • Try to choose a quiet moment to eat:Whether you are at work or at home, it is vitally important to always try to choose a conveniently quiet time to eat. Even if you are going to consume a simple sandwich. Save yourself a moment for yourself, to enjoy the food.
  • Be aware of what you are going to eat:Trying to focus on what you are going to eat will help you not only to be aware of what you eat, or to do it in a more leisurely and relaxed way, but to keep in mind every bite, texture and flavor offered by the food you are consuming. .
  • It does not matter if you eat accompanied:Eating with friends or in company does not have to be an impediment to eat slowly. On the contrary, it can become an extremely pleasant and fun moment. But obviously you should be aware of the importance of chewing food well, and eating slowly.
  • Avoid distractions:Some studies have shown that, depending on how we are in that moment or even what we are seeing on television, can influence us negatively or positively on our way of eating. For example, if we are watching an action or suspense movie, it is common for us to tend to eat quickly at almost the same pace as the movie. Therefore, we should avoid distractions such as televisions, mobile phones, tablets ...
This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

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