Fresh feet in summer

Maintain good health in the feet is something fundamental when, equally, you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and totally healthy, since one could almost say that it is the authentic pillar that sustains our body and keeps it more or less firm.

For example, massage the feet Help us recover after a busy day. It even helps to relax when we are somewhat stressed or have gone through a somewhat complicated day.

Not to mention when we soak our feet in a bucket with warm water and salt, when we are listening to our favorite music or we are reading.

At summer, our feet tend to suffer more than usual. We tend to sweat more, and that together with the sand and the usual use of slippers or flip flops can affect your health.

If what you want is to enjoy fresh feet in summer, we propose some simple tricks.

How to have fresh feet in summer

  • After each exposure to water (in the sea, in the pool or in the shower), dry them well, paying special attention to the areas between the fingers.
  • Always use nourishing and moisturizing cream after each shower or bath. You will help them to maintain a pH of the right skin.
  • Wear proper shoes, avoiding shoes either very small or very large.
  • A good essential oil can help you take care of them, especially when you massage. Use it after a day of work or after a day of stress.
  • Go to the pedicure once a month, whenever you can.
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LET'S GET THOSE FEET READY FOR THE SUMMER ????☀️???? ???? (June 2024)