How to avoid interruptions at work

Many people spend between 10 and 12 hours at work but they are not productive enough. For what is this? the factors are many, from not knowing how to manage time correctly, to the accumulation of unnecessary tasks to the damn interruptions at work.

These interruptions are often unavoidable, since some causes are meetings, visits from the boss or urgent mails that have to be answered almost immediately. Avoiding all this will make us much more productive and perform better. As a consequence, the work will be optimal and we will have more time to do other things.

Useful tips so you do not get interrupted at work

Know how to prioritize

One of the ways to be more productive and avoid interruptions is the organization. Without this we do not know what is really important to be able to prioritize. If we wait for an urgent mail then it is necessary to control or put alerts that indicate when the expected mail enters.

If our priority is to enter social networks and make a meeting, then it should always be done without losing time. Setting objectives and with prior planning.

Do the tasks that give laziness before

The tasks that have a greater difficulty can do before. In this way, we are getting rid of them and we can continue with less important things throughout the day. At the end, we will see how we have advanced much more and we will not have feeling of stress but of relief.

How to avoid interruptions at work

Avoid interruptions in the phone

If the phone rings, fortunately we can see who is calling us. If we know that it is someone with whom we will be talking for a long time, it is better not to take it and leave this conversation for the last hour of the day.

When the call is related to work, then we advise avoiding interminable talks without substance. Go to the point and solve the problem at once. If the thing is extended, with all education, we can say that we will call at another time because we are finishing something of absolute priority.

It is highly recommended to deactivate the notifications or put the mobile in airplane mode, and even, in some moments, disconnect the Internet in the computer if one needs it.

Visits and meetings

When you receive visits, you must also shorten the time. In the same way it happens with meetings. Many are usually long and endless. To avoid this, planning is essential, knowing what should be said at each moment, offering ready-made solutions and replacing problems that can be extended for other times.

It is also important, as on the phone, discards requests, meetings and invitations that are not necessary.

Social networks

We live in a world full of messages and notifications (of chats, emails, social networks, whatsapp ...) we must channel them if we were not answering these messages all day long. Social networks are good and necessary at work, but we need some specific hours to enter and interact with others, not all day.

The emails

Email is already the most important method of communication and contact between users, especially at work. But when we are all day watching and receiving mails, the work is left undone.

We recommend the office and outlook programs where we see small notifications of the emails that are coming to us to prioritize and answer only the important ones. Another way to avoid them is to read the mail and answer first thing in the morning and then last. We will do the same in the afternoon. But the rest of the time we should avoid its use unless we have to use it for our daily productivity.

Types of interruptions

We have already seen which are the most basic interruptions. On the one hand, we have the interruptions of people that can hinder our work, whether we are at home or at the office. These interruptions, which most should be avoided, tend to deconcentrate greatly.

Technological interruptions, which are becoming stronger and more noticeable, should be avoided in part. That is to say, to establish a fixed schedule for each one of them, and then to dedicate itself to the work and to the priority thing properly said.

In the office, the same work environment can make us not productive enough. One option is to use headphones to cancel noise, this allows us to be more focused on our task. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

Time Management: Dealing With Interruptions (January 2022)