How to measure the level of blood sugar

For people with prediabetes or with diabetes already diagnosed, the measurement of blood sugar It is essential to know how your daily lifestyle and dietary modifies your sugar level.

That is, how the foods and meals they consume, their physical activity, the medications they take, their own insulin and even stress or anxiety modify blood sugar levels.

We must not forget that, between nutrition for diabetes more suitable, we can find foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, meats, fish and seafood, eggs and oils. Always, of course, in the right amount.

Although you probably know how to measure your blood sugar level, if you were recently diagnosed with diabetes you probably have some doubts. We will try to resolve them below.

Utensils and tools needed to measure the level of sugar

  • Apparatus to measure glucose.
  • Wipes soaked in alcohol.
  • Sterile lancets for fingers.
  • Test strips

How to measure the level of blood sugar

1) Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them.

2) With alcohol and wipes disinfects the area where you are going to click.

3) Obtain the drop of blood from that area (it is usually the fingertip, although it can also be from the thigh or forearm).

4) Place the drop of blood on the test strip.

5) Follow the instructions of the device so that the test strip can be inserted correctly into the glucose meter.

6) Finally the glucose meter will indicate a number that will represent the blood sugar level.

7) Record the result in a notebook or logbook.

Some curiosities about glucose meters

  • How often should I have the test? The doctor will be the one to tell you how often you should measure your blood.
  • What time of day do I have the test? It depends on the medication, the hours of food and the degree of control of the blood sugar level. It is normal that at the beginning it is necessary to do more tests and to examine the level of sugar more often in situations of stress or illness.

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