Water with sugar to remove the laces

If you did sports when you were a child it is quite likely that after practicing, for example at school or in high school, your mother or grandmother would recommend drinking water with sugar with the purpose of prevent, reduce or remove laces. It treats, as it is to imagine, of a so popular as traditional remedy, that was used in many houses and that, in fact still today it stands out for being very common in enough homes. But is it true that it is help, and above all is useful against stiffness after sports or physical exercise ?.

The reason why the consumption of water with sugar once was habitual when the laces appeared was due to its relationship with the crystallization of lactic acid in the muscle, so it was thought that drinking water with sugar helped to reduce the lactic acid It will crystallize in the muscles after the practice of more or less intense physical exercise.

The objective? Getting rid of the lactose crystals through water with sugar because it was believed that lactate was the main cause of the appearance of laces.

But nevertheless, drinking water with sugar against the laces is really a complete mistake, because after sports practice, lactate (or the lactic acid crystals that form in the muscle during physical exercise) quickly leaves the muscle and reaches the bloodstream, so that it is eliminated just a few minutes later The exercise. In fact, as many scientific studies have shown that, for example, they have performed muscle biopsies on athletes as soon as they carry out physical exercise, There are not even lactic acid crystals after sports practice.

To realize that we are really facing a widespread myth is to discover what causes the appearance of lacerations: micro fibrillar breaks that occur in the muscle, which then give rise to an inflammation that is the cause of the pain. In other words, when we practice physical exercise, especially in an intense way, the muscle tends to shorten as the tension develops.

When the eccentric contractions that predominate in intense exercises generate a very strong tension in the muscles, micro breaks of the different muscular structures arise, which arise especially in people little used to the practice of physical exercise.

Obviously, and as we have already mentioned on several occasions, The best way to prevent soreness is by heating and stretching before and after sports. In addition, it is very useful to perform the exercise progressively, slowly, especially if the exercises require eccentric contractions and we are not so used to them. ThemesExercise Sports injuries

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