What are the free radicals

Did you know that every cell of your body suffers about 10,000 impacts of free radicals every day? The organism counter-attacks, becoming a real battle. Every day they constantly attack the body's DNA, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, causing potentially serious damage if we do not put a stop to them. But what are they? Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms, which in their composition have an electron that is not rigged, and that is in the ability to mate, hence they are so unstable and reactive.

The truth is that to establish the balance, the atom seeks to capture an electron from another atom, so that the atom that loses it also becomes another free radical. The result? A chain reaction is generated, which damages the cells, it produces diseases Y we get old. Explaining it more simply, we can say that they are very reactive chemical substances or molecules that introduce oxygen into the cells, producing their oxidation.

Free radicals are released when the food we consume through our diet is metabolized for the production of energy in the cells. However, these can also come from the environment: environmental pollution, tobacco smoke, radiation from the sun's ultraviolet rays, smoke produced by the exhaust of cars ...

The formation of free radicals

The body produces free radicals in order to fight against the negative action of viruses and bacteria. That is, we have a defense mechanism created by our own body. However, for their action does not become harmful to our health and in a real "danger" is necessary to be controlled by antioxidant protection.

In this sense, Antioxidants are substances that release electrons in our blood, which are captured by free radicals, thereby becoming stable molecules.

Precisely to prevent free radicals from stealing electrons from our cells, and thus become a real danger to our health, It is very important to follow a diet rich in antioxidant foods. For this, it is enough to follow a healthy and balanced diet, rich in natural and fresh foods, such as fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fish, white meat and green tea.

Antioxidants & Aging: A Radical Theory (April 2021)