Holiday constipation: causes, prevention and how to overcome it

The constipation in itself it is not a disease, although with the arrival of holidays and the summer, can make an appearance. In fact, during the summer months it is very common for cases of constipation to increase. It is what is medically known as holiday constipation, and although it can be easily solved, it can also be prevented by preventing it from appearing.

Constipation is considered a symptom that translates into a difficult, infrequent and certainly scarce evacuation, and can occur either in a timely manner (on a trip or when we go on vacation), either chronically or permanently.

In case the constipation appears during the holidays, a series of previous measures must be taken to be able to avoid it, especially before the discomforts can appear.

Why does constipation appear on vacation?

Occasional constipation during the holidays, especially if we travel, is something totally and absolutely normal. In fact, we have all suffered from this problem at some other time, without there being any kind of problem or physical disorder that causes it.

Actually, it is understood that holiday constipation is actually occasional because before the holidays, it is most likely that both intestinal transit and gastrointestinal health is completely normal. But what are its causes ?:

  • Changes in diet:It is very common that, when we are on vacation (especially if it is away from home), we tend to neglect our diet and changes in our habits and diet. For example, it is normal to eat less foods rich in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and we also increase the consumption of foods that can influence the appearance of constipation (such as fast food, precooked foods, refined products ...).
  • Sedentary:Low physical activity is a direct enemy of intestinal transit. During the holidays it is usual that we do not practice physical exercise, and that we are lying for longer resting.
  • Nerves:It is very common for the holidays to generate nervous tension, either because of the rush to prepare the suitcases and have everything ready, as for the trip itself. This makes us less aware of our habit of going to the bathroom, and also tends to directly affect our transit.
  • Changes in routine and schedules:There are people who, to go to the bathroom, have a fairly regular schedule. For this reason there are people who go to the bathroom in the morning, after waking up or after breakfast, and there are those who go at night. When we are on vacation this routine is not followed, being able to be a cause of constipation.

As we see, all these causes can cause constipation at any time of the year. But they are causes that, in short, tend to occur especially during the holidays, which is why holiday constipation is more common than you think.

How to avoid constipation on vacation

Opt for fiber-rich foods

First, you should review the diet, since we tend to tend to refined foods and also very poor in fiber. Precisely because of this issue it is vital to increase the consumption of foods rich in fiber products.

For example, they especially emphasize increasing the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts.

An excellent idea is to opt for whole grains at breakfast. Oatmeal is ideal, in addition to being very nutritious, it is rich in fiber and also provides interesting amounts of complex carbohydrates, so it gives us energy slowly.

Fruits are also ideal, especially during summer vacations, as well as being nutritious and healthy they are tremendously refreshing.

Watch your diet

The best option is to make sure that we take the recommended amount of food, it should be taken into account that each day at least two servings of vegetables and at least three servings of fruit should be taken.

Drink enough water

To be able to get the effect of fiber-rich foods to be adequate, you should drink more fluids a day, preferably Water. The reason is also evident: drinking small amounts of fluids, especially water, is a related cause of constipation.

In addition, since during the summer months it tends to make more heat, it is normal for us to sweat more and the loss of liquids increases dangerously. Therefore, it is very interesting to always carry a bottle of fresh water with you.

How to treat occasional constipation on vacation if it appears

If we have not been able to prevent it, or we have just arrived late and in these moments we already suffer from occasional constipation during your holidays, there are some useful tips that can be of great help.Take note:

  • Increase the consumption of foods rich in fiber:As we told you, they not only help to prevent it, but to treat it and alleviate it. Particularly noteworthy are the whole grains and the fruits with previously washed skin.
  • Eat more laxative fruits:You can choose to consume more papaya, plum or kiwi. In fact, there are those who choose to consume a kiwi on an empty stomach, and it works great for them.
  • Do physical exercise:Besides helping you to enjoy excellent health, you will feel better during the holidays, and it is very useful to activate your intestinal transit.

As we can see, although occasional constipation is very common during vacations, we can prevent or avoid it easily. And if it makes an appearance, the key is to maintain healthy habits. But, above all, we can not stop enjoying these long-awaited days. You have a great time. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesSummer Constipation

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