Milks enriched and fermented

Although currently the so-called as Functional Foods We can find them every day on the shelves of the supermarkets, and there are different types of functional foods whose nutritional properties are very diverse, it is true that few people know originally what they are and what are their most important virtues.

The Functional Foods They are products enriched with essential nutrients that improve certain functions of our body, improving health and well-being.

Among its most important benefits, we find ourselves above all with its preventive benefits that help to reduce the risk factors that can cause the appearance of certain diseases.

One of these best known products are the enriched milk or fermented milk, enriched with essential nutrients that increase their strengths and benefits.

What are enriched and fermented milks?

The so-called enriched milk or fermented They are natural products rich in calcium, but which in turn have been enriched with essential nutrients that help reduce the risk of certain diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases.

Types of enriched milk

  • Milks enriched with omega-3 acids: They help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as different types of cancer. They improve the visual functions and the development of the nervous tissue, at the same time as they reduce the inflammatory processes.
  • Milks enriched with DHA: They provide the same nutritional benefits as those enriched with omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Milks enriched with oleic acid: They are suitable to reduce not only high cholesterol levels, but the risk of suffering cardiovascular disease.
  • Milks enriched with folic acid: Help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and decrease malformations in the neural tube.
  • Milks enriched with calcium: They help prevent osteoporosis, the development of bones and teeth. Likewise, they intervene in nerve transmission.
  • Milks enriched with vitamins A and D: They are milks that favor the absorption of calcium, so that they are usually dairy products enriched also with this mineral. In addition, they favor visual function.
  • Milks enriched with phosphorus and zinc: They are suitable to improve the immune system and help beneficially in the development of bones.

Types of fermented milks

  • Milks fermented with probiotic bacteria: They help in the correct functioning of both the intestinal flora and the gastrointestinal system.

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Development of probiotic fermented milk enriched with oat fibers by Jigarkumar Bhara (July 2024)