Recommended diet for autumn

The autumn It is a station that is characterized, in Spain, by the passage of a hot season (like summer) to a much colder season (as is winter).

Although the first few days it is usual for the heat of the last days of summer to persist, it is true that at this time they begin to change, becoming colder (since the bad weather also begins to appear timidly).

Precisely because of the arrival of the cold, but especially because of the change of season, it is common for our defenses to weaken, so it is common that after the arrival of autumn many people tend to get sick more easily.

A very good option is to know how to increase the defenses, in addition to following a healthy nutrition based on fresh and healthy food as a way to provide our body with the different essential nutrients that we need so much during this time of year.

The best thing, of course, is to opt for autumn foods, which give us precisely the nutrients that our body needs: especially B vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals to help us raise both our defenses and our mood, which goes down in the fall:

For breakfast

You can opt for a coffee with skim milk or tea. Eating a piece of fruit (for example, figs or persimmons) will give you the energy you need for the morning. You can also combine it with a yogurt and a pinch of honey.

Half morning

You can combine a piece of fruit (the one you like) for two or three cereal cookies, or for a yogurt. A tea or infusion will be useful to warm you up.

For lunch

There is no doubt that during this time the broths and spoon dishes are very warm. Remember that soup or chicken broth are ideal for colds and flu.

You can also combine vegetables with salads, white meats, legumes and fish (throughout the week).

To snack

The main recommendation is to follow the advice we have indicated for breakfast. A piece of fruit is ideal, combined with a small sandwich or vegetable sandwich, tea or infusion or a natural yogurt.

For dinner

It is best to dine lightly, although there is no doubt that at night you also want broths and vegetable soups to warm up.

Baked vegetables and grilled breast can be equally ideal.

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