Remove the gallbladder

The gallbladder It is a very small organ that stores the bile produced by the liver, releasing it to the duodenum so that it intervenes in the digestion process.

Among the most common disorders that affect this small organ of our body we find the formation of calculations inside, a pathology called cholelithiasis, which often causes no symptoms and is discovered by surprise when routine x-rays are taken.

The vesicle is an organ that, in addition to stones in the gallbladder, can be affected by acute inflammation (a condition that gets worse when the liver is also inflamed), by some condition or by the appearance of the so-called fatty liver, so common today due to the increase of overweight, obesity and Alcohol consumption.

But in certain occasions it is possible that, from a medical and health point of view, it is necessary eliminate the gallbladder, which may surprise many people, especially if possible live without a gall bladder.

Is it possible to remove the gallbladder?

The elimination of the gallbladder it arises above all when there are stones in the gallbladder and obstruct the cystic duct, producing inflammation of the gallbladder (which is accompanied by abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and fever, among others). Or when there are other pathologies, such as, for example, presence of polyps.

And surely you will wonder how is it possible to survive without an organ such as the gallbladder?

Basically it's possible because When the gallbladder is removed the bile flows directly from the liver to the small intestine, where finally it intervenes in the digestion of fats in the same way as before when they were stored in the vesicle.

Therefore, it is essential to follow a series of dietary tips such as the realization of 5 meals a day and lighter, drink enough water and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

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