Silicone plugs suitable for summer

With the arrival of the hot months, and particularly so much of the spring as of summer, many people begin to worry about their health using some tricks, guidelines or basic tips ideal for this time of year.

Thus, for example, it is usual for many people at this time to worry about their figure, and begin what many have called operation bikini.

However, on the other hand, there are also people who care about their own well-being when, for example, they are on vacation and take baths both in the pool and in the sea water.

And it is that, in this time, the sales of silicone plugs, ideal when it comes to prevent water from entering the ears. But these products must be specific and meet a number of basic issues.

Use of suitable silicone plugs

If you plan to use silicone plugs to prevent water from entering the ears this summer, you should keep in mind that silicone plugs They must meet the following basic characteristics:

  • They must be approved silicone plugs.
  • They should be stoppers with antiallergic formulation.
  • Do not allow water to enter.
  • They can not leave traces inside the ear.

Therefore, it is much better to avoid the use of foam plugs (which allow water to enter), and wax plugs (which leave ear remnants).

In addition, it is not at all advisable to buy this type of plugs anywhere, only in stores or trusted stores. ThemesSummer

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