Tips to enjoy a good and healthy Christmas

During the Christmas holidays, the tradition marks eating much more than in other weeks of the year and certain people end up taking more meat and fish than usual. Following good habits on these dates is possible, for which planning and control is necessary.

Meals and dinners are the dominant theme of such parties. One of the facts that makes meals are copious is due to the sociability. Tradition makes people gather in a house or restaurant but always with a common denominator: a table and food. In this way, the delicacies become an excuse to hold these meetings and are the main basis of the celebrations.

The rituals, both religious and pagan, mark the days when you should eat more or less, and many people get used to it, follow the traditions and eat abundantly.

Formerly, the best meals were reserved for the most special occasions, when meat and fish were relegated to certain days, while the rest of the week was tried to pass with somewhat less important dishes, such as bread, potatoes or legumes .

Pleasing guests is another reason why you end up eating a lot more during these days. When you go to a place of guest you must behave, eat what they give you, try new delicacies and flavors, and eat almost everything. And in excess.

How to eat healthier

Following a series of tips, you can eat healthier, save the line and not get fat during Christmas. In certain meals and dinners vegetables and legumes can be introduced without it being boring.

Cooking a vegetable soup first, before the meat; accompany the seconds with nuts or legumes, put a skewer with fruit and vegetables as an appetizer, or offer pineapple or lemon sorbet once the dinner is over.

Water is the best ally for all kinds of food. Although it is inevitable not to drink alcohol these days, it is not recommended. It is better to consume some quality wine, water and a glass of liqueur for nougat. With this we will feel much better the next day and digestion will be faster.

Another way to make meals lighter is to save snacks, to go to the first and second at a time. While a unique dish, more forceful and quality, may be the best option to eat less, in a healthy way and get to taste those desserts that we all want.

After a great lunch or dinner like Christmas, it is advisable to end the day with some fruit and fiber. It is the best way for the body to continue with the usual eating habits.

Habits to be healthier

The parties move schedules and habits but many of them can be followed so that they feel better physically and psychically. Get up more or less at the same time and keep the routine It will help us not to get carried away by the long feasts. A hearty breakfast will also make the organism cleanse and we will not be so hungry when it comes to eating.

Playing sports at Christmas helps to keep up with our schedule and the healthy life we ​​are practicing. The exercise will maintain our body to cope with the binge, relax the mind before so many holidays and stress, and help balance the body.

What we should avoid in these holidays

In order to enjoy a good and healthy Christmas, it is better to plan everything in order not to stress or not to buy those necessary delicacies because they are over.

The organization is necessary to not spend more than necessary to find more expensive food than usual. If we buy what we need before, we will save money and time.

Another tip is not to attack and abuse the appetizers or tapas, then we will be too full on the first and second plate, and we will fall into the Christmas excesses.

How can we avoid Christmas excesses?

Experts estimate that, during Christmas, in general we usually fat about an average of 3 kilos, something that translates into that, in just a few days, we will get to consume absolutely the same calories that we would eat, for example, during a week at any other time of the year.

But if you are a person concerned about excesses, and above all for your diet and for your health, there are a series of basic tips that will help us a lot during this Christmas, especially if we do not want to gain weight, or if we have related problems such as hypertension, the diabetes, or we are making a slimming diet. Take note of the tips we propose:

  • Do not forget that red wine is less fattening than white wine. But beware, as many nutritionists of recognized prestige (as is the case of Julio Basulto), remember that wine is not healthy.In short, any drink that contains alcohol is really harmful to health.
  • Far from the nerves and excitement of these parties, a good recommendation would be to eat relaxed and relaxed, an issue that will help us not to suffer overweight, as we met a few days ago.
  • Perform exercise both the days before dinners or meals and just after them, the next day if you wish, is another really positive option, given that we will burn those calories consumed that, due to the excesses, our body has not used.
  • If you are diabetic, remember that there are a number of typical sweets and nougat without sugar specially made for diabetics.

Of course, especially, we recommend something even more important: enjoy this Christmas, with joy, enthusiasm and excitement, but above all taking into account a very important maxim: be happy. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesChristmas

Healthy holiday drinking tips (April 2024)