What types of intelligence are there?

The term intelligence by itself it has evolved over the centuries. Since always, it has been believed that a cultured and intelligent person had the greatest knowledge in mathematics, art, history, science or languages.

However, with the passage of time they have been discovering new types of intelligence that we will be shelling through the following lines.

The 7 types of intelligence that exist

Mathematical intelligence

This is one of the intelligences that has been attributed to the greatest scientists that humanity has given, such as Galileo, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking among many others.

It tries to establish logical relationships between different numbers and symbols that are presented along a mathematical formula. The speed at which these problems are solved will determine the degree of mathematical intelligence that the person in question possesses.

Musical intelligence

Just as there are people capable of creating paintings, sculptures and interpreting any role in a masterly manner, there are other types of individuals who have a special gift for music.

These have the intelligence and ability to create musical songs by playing a simple instrument, All this without mentioning that they can create musical pieces from scratch with astonishing ease.

Linguistic intelligence

As its name indicates, it is based on the ability of certain people to learn and function in languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than their mother tongue.

They also have an innate intelligence to memorize words, verbs and quickly grasp the meaning of certain phrases in a foreign language. They can also perform very well in any oral conversation and have no problems in "changing the chip quickly".

Body intelligence

Those people who have a special gift for singing, music and acting can also be considered holders of this intelligence.

And they have an innate ability to move through different spaces, interpret the rhythm of the songs and then translate it through different perfectly coordinated body movements. Even many players can have this type of intelligence because they are able to move the ball between their feet without losing their balance while they draw on the contrary.

Emotional intelligence

It can be said that the term emotional intelligence was not coined until the 90s. Although since then, it has been studied by many scientists and psychologists in general.

This encompasses all the capacity that people have in measuring all the emotions that surround them. They are also characterized by having highly developed social skills in the form of empathy and assertiveness.

Space intelligence

This type of intelligence can be simply summarized in the ability of certain individuals to observe and interpret all the elements that surround them through different perspectives. Thanks to this, you can create images inside your head. And therefore, they have a great photographic memory that can be improved over time.

Spatial intelligence is usually attributed to painters, graphic designers or simply to all those people who love puzzles that through this intelligence can finish them much faster than average.

Creative intelligence

Highly creative people have no problems in creating original ideas in a practical, simple and direct way. They always have a solution to any adversity that comes their way since their head is a "hotbed" of constant ideas.

In short, the minds of creative people are at a different level than the more "conventional" ones, since they always make innovative contributions, never-before-seen answers and solutions to problems that usually occur within a specific group. These people are highly valued by the most renowned companies around the world. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

9 Types of Intelligence (July 2024)