Artichoke: benefits and properties. What is it for?

The artichoke it becomes a real and authentic delicacy for many, and it can be an adequate food in slimming diets, since it can help you lose weight and lose those extra pounds.

It constitutes in turn a healthy food that can not be lacking in a balanced diet, since it has important Benefits Y properties diverse very important for health.

In addition, they are delicious in salads and hot dishes, and are ideal for children and adults, thanks to the different virtues that it has.

Do you know what the artichoke is?

While the artichoke is the fruit that is obtained from the plant artichoke, before knowing what it consists of we should know a little more about the plant itself. In this sense, the artichoke consists basically of a perennial plant that can reach up to 2 meters in height, which belongs to the family of the composite.

It has very characteristic leaves, with lobes (but without spines), with lobed appearance, which can reach up to 60 centimeters in length. Its flowers are bluish in color, and we find it in many parts of the world, especially in the different areas of the Mediterranean.

The scientific name of the artichoke isCynara scolymusL., and is also known even with the name of the plant, or with the name of artichoke.

What are the benefits of the artichoke?

The leaf of the artichoke contains magnesium, potassium and sterols, which act in a certain synergy with cynarin, a substance both aromatic and bitter. In fact, it is to these compounds that we owe their main qualities (at least, the most important ones).

Ideal for natural liver care

In case of common problems of the liver, it is quite probable that you already know that the artichoke becomes an excellent option as a natural treatment (and very effective). Why? We owe this to the artichoke acts as a natural hepatoprotector, quality that is translated in that it helps to protect the different liver cells in a completely natural way.

This hepatoprotective quality is due to the presence of caffeic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid and caffeoquinic acid.

In addition, its effect on the liver (not only its protective action) is due to the presence of cinarina, its main active principle, which as we will see in the following lines also acts in a very beneficial way on the gallbladder.

In regard to the care and protection of the liver, the artichoke is very interesting in case of fatty liverliver failurejaundice Y hepatitis.

Artichoke useful for digestion

As we mentioned before, the cinarina present in the artichokes gives us the main qualities that this wonderful food offers us. For example, help on the function that the gallbladder performs. In this way, it helps stimulate the production of bile and favors the expulsion of fats.

This means that, among other interesting aspects, artichokes are very suitable for a correct digestion of fats. For this reason, it is interesting in case of indigestion, gas and flatulence.

Regarding its qualities on the gallbladder itself, did you know that it is also useful in cases of dyspepsia caused by the presence of stones or stones in the gallbladder?

Artichoke for high cholesterol

In case of high cholesterol, the artichoke also becomes an excellent natural option, thanks precisely to that it acts as a wonderful liver tonic, by helping the liver to metabolize fats better.

That is to say, thanks to the presence of the acids that we have named above, together with the cynarin, it helps to reduce the elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood, preventing arteriosclerosis.

The main properties of the artichoke, in summary

As we indicated, the artichoke presents an important regulatory activity of bile secretion, being indicated in cases of poor digestion of fats, jaundice and lazy liver.

Helps regenerate liver cells, helping to fight toxic substances, and can be ideal in cases of fatty liver, while being able to reduce the high cholesterol.

In addition, the artichoke can become an excellent depurative, helping our body to expel the different toxins and substances you do not need.

For this reason, we must not forget either their consumption in weight loss diets and weight control. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesFood Vegetables and Vegetables

10 Health Benefits Of Artichoke (July 2024)