How to enjoy a clean face every day with this simple routine

To maintain a routine of daily hygiene on the skin of the face, to enjoy skin as clean and healthy as possible, 4 steps are required which we will talk about throughout this note: remove makeup, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize .

Do you need to maintain a daily routine to enjoy a cleaner and shining face skin, but you do not know where to start? You probably think that it is enough to wash your face every day with a little soap and water, both when you wake up in the morning and when you shower at night. But the truth is that, when it comes to keeping our skin in good condition, this is not enough.

Why? Fundamentally because it is necessary to nourish our skin, providing vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients both to care for it and to protect it. And because, in addition, it is common to use other products whose remains can remain on the face, despite having removed them carefully. This is the case of makeup.

In this sense, many are the experts who recommend using makeup according to the type of skin that each person has, and even have the occasional test that helps to know if it is allergic to makeup to some specific ingredient contained in these creams and powders.

But to enjoy a healthy and clean face, one of the best recommendations that can be given is that of clean the skin every day with cleansers or cleansers, regardless of whether we have made up or not.

They can be used gels, foams, milks or tonics (to mention just a few examples), and in this way we will be able to finish both the impurities and the excess of sebum, and you will also eliminate the remains of makeup in case, if I am allowed redundancy, you have made up.

But to achieve a pure and healthy face, one should - at least - clean the face twice a day, especially in the morning to remove the secreted fat while we sleep (and refresh it), and at night to remove the remains of makeup and the impurities.

In this way not only eliminate the different impurities that affect the skin of each, but will help improve the health of the skin, even delaying the aging itself.

Remember to also drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and maintain a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits and fruits, as it will help you maintain good skin health, keeping it hydrated and with a certainly enviable appearance.

Daily routine to keep skin and face clean easily

1. If you have used makeup throughout the day ...

If you have made up at any time during the day (for example, before going to the street in the morning), and you have even renewed it afterwards, it is quite probable that you still have remains even when you tried to remove it when you arrived house in the afternoon.

If so, it is convenient remove makeup effectively. It is, in fact, the first step to follow in your nocturnal routine to cleanse your skin in depth.

And how can you do it? Very simple: using a cleansing product that has been manufactured or designed for this purpose. A good example are the Cleansing wipes, whose texture helps gently and gently extract the deepest makeup.

2. Wash your facial skin (always with warm water)

After removing the makeup from the skin of your face with the help of a cleansing product or cleansing wipes, it's time to wash the skin of the face, which will help you eliminate fat, contaminants and other impurities that have accumulated on the skin throughout the day.

Since what we are looking for is to open the pores to try to eliminate as many impurities as possible, the key is to use warm water. Once this is done, apply a cleansing product on the skin of the face, doing it with circular movements. Then rinse the skin with a little warm water and remove the cleanser completely.

Again, it may be appropriate to rinse your face again, again with warm water. This way you will be sure to completely eliminate the trace of impurities that have remained on the skin.

Finally dry with the help of a soft towel, without rubbing it to avoid causing damage to the skin. In this sense, it is best to try to dry the skin with light pats.

3. Now is the time to exfoliate your skin

After rinsing the skin to remove impurities and fats from the skin, it is time to exfoliate. Thus, we will get rid of dead cellsthat have remained on the skin, and that if not removed, can cause problems of clogged pores and irritation.

Even though it is not necessary to exfoliate the skin every day(it is more advisable not to do it daily in fact), it is appropriate to do it at least 2 or 3 times a week.

Use an exfoliant for your type of skin, which is as smooth as possible. However, if you notice that your skin is irritated after exfoliating it, it is likely that you either have to reduce the frequency, or else you have to try another, even softer, exfoliating product.

At the moment you apply the scrub it is essential not to leave it on the skin of the face for a long time, then carefully removing it while you rinse it with warm water. Finally, dry the skin again with a towel, applying gentle strokes.

4. And, finally, moisturize your skin

We reach the last point, one of the most important because it will allow us to keep the skin hydrated and firm. After exfoliating the skin is the time to moisturize.

To do this, apply the moisturizing cream by circular movements. In this way you will stimulate the circulation of blood, and its application will be much simpler.

Ready! You have finished with your daily cleaning routine. It will help you to get a hydrated, maintained, firm and radiant skin. And although at first they seem many steps, you will see how by applying them little by little you will then be able to do it practically without thinking. ThemesSkin Beauty Tricks