The benefits of having a cat at home

When we consider having a pet at home, it is important before become aware of it because it is a living being more to care for and give love. Having a cat brings a special affection, and a little less responsibility than taking care of a dog.

The cats are independent, they go to theirs, they do not need you to be on top of them, nor do they need to be taken out for a walk, but they also want to be close to their masters and give them warmth and companionship.

A pet gladdens the home of adults and children, and offers a different experience to learn about the animal world. If you decide to adopt a pet, these are the advantages of having a cat.

These are the benefits of having a pussycat at home

They clean themselves

Unlike other pets, the cats are clean. They are continually licking themselves because they are dirty and washed, especially they usually do it when a person touches them and they are in contact with them.

For this reason, they do not give work when cleaning them, because they do it alone, although it is worth washing them sometimes with shampoos and special gels against insects and ticks.

They do their needs

To the cat it is easy to educate. If you are taught, from the very beginning, where you should do your business, you end up doing it alone. It is a great advantage because it does not get dirty more than necessary and you do not need to go out to the street to do your feces.

The cat usually has a corner for it, a small box with dirt that is left in the kitchen, on the terrace or in the bathroom (always anchored in the same place), which should be cleaned every time the pet has finished making your needs.

Healthy hearts for their owners

Cat owners experienced a 30% reduction in the risk of death from heart attack compared to those who did not have cats. Therefore, it extends the life of its owners and protects their hearts.

They are silent and calm

If we want company and tranquility at the same time, having a cat is something very beneficial. They do not usually make noise, in fact, at certain times, they can hide or pass in front of us without realizing it.

This is, in part, by carrying pads under the legs and because they mew rather softly. In addition, they are quiet, spend a good part of the day sleeping and bring peace and well-being to their owners.

They reduce anxiety

Being quiet and quiet animals bring welfare to their masters. Other studies show that its purring when caressing helps reduce stress and blood pressure.

They help autistics to be able to communicate

Animal therapies strengthen the communication of certain people, such as autistics. Some studies conclude that both children and autistic adults connect and socialize more and better with their pets.

This is linked to the increase of oxytocin, the hormone that is generated in different situations, such as when caressing the hair of a cat to increase the level of confidence.

They adapt to small spaces

The cat is not usually a large animal. If they have space and garden, much better, but if not, it adapts perfectly to a room, an apartment, house or wherever.

Out of solitude

One of the psychological benefits of animals is that they provide a great sense of belonging. Having a pet requires dedication and stimulates a sense of responsibility.

For the elderly, especially, it makes them be alive, they feel useful and they end up with that feeling of loneliness to make them open up and end up being more sociable with others.

Many affective problems are achieved palliating with animals. and the cats, although always at their own pace and when they want, they provide the love they need and that they can give to a pet without giving too much work to take care of them.

10 Benefits of Owning a Cat (November 2022)