Tofu batter and crunchy, ideal to replace sausages

There are endless options to make a good sandwich and above all to be healthy. If we are tired of using sausages or any other repetitive ingredient to make a sandwich, it is time to use other healthier and very nutritious foods.

We are going to propose to you to include the tofu in a sandwich with which you can enjoy. And since we know that tofu is a very insipid food, we are going to give it a different and crunchy touch that will make your mouth water.

How we prepare the tofu batter


  • A block of firm tofu
  • Bread for sandwich
  • Soy sauce
  • 1 egg
  • Bread crumbs
  • Sesame seeds
  • Salt
  • Pepper


It is important that the tofu is firm and not soft to be able to handle it to our liking and that it does not flake. Wet the tofu for a few minutes with the soy sauce, if you prefer let it marinate half an hour before starting.

Prepare while a plate with the beaten egg, salt and pepper, in another dish the bread crumbs with the sesame seeds mixed in it.

You will only have to drain the tofu from the excess of the soy sauce and dip it in the liquid egg mixture, when it soaks well pass it through the breadcrumbs. Take several turns until it is well impregnated with bread and seeds.

In a pan with plenty of extra virgin olive oil, fry the battered tofu, brown it on both sides and drain on a plate with napkins to remove the extra oil.

When you have finished frying the tofu, open the bread in half and if you want to opt for a sauce we recommend the Dijon mustard with a little homemade mayonnaise, it is very rich and tasty.

You just have to assemble the sandwich as you like and enjoy. You can include more ingredients such as a base of arugula leaves that will give a spicy flavor or a good piece of semi goat cheese. ThemesVegan Vegan Recipes

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