Why are we attracted to horror films?

Although there are still many people who can not be present, there are others so that horror films are like a kind of magnet that they can not take off.

Since they give to the "play" and they soak up their lugubrious and most terrifying environment, they have an imperious desire to know what the cruel destiny of their protagonist will be. The worst of all is that many times this will end up dying for the killer on duty in a chase that will surely have a bloody and violent end.

So, why are we attracted to these types of tapes? Why do not we look away in certain scenes? For even science has found a logical explanation to this phenomenon so common in our society

We got to empathize with the main character

Just when any self-respecting horror film begins, we are introduced to the main character who is always in a somewhat conflictive situation. Most times they are situations similar to those we can live in our day to day. And that's where we began to empathize with the protagonist of the film along with all his stress and concerns.

Everything is getting worse until the killer on duty appears and tries to finish with the main character of the story. As we have already created a certain emotional bond with him, it is normal that we "suffer" in part along the whole tape.

All this increases more and more when we see him in a moment of maximum tension where even his life is in danger. We already take it as something personal and hence we have the urgent need to know what is happening at all times. For this reason, we remain hooked to the screen until we know the cruel? destiny of our dear and beloved character.

Here it depends a little on the ability of the director and the assembly of the film to get this feeling. But if what is achieved is that the viewer gets soaked in all this dark, violent and dreary environment, surely the success of the tape will be assured.

As human beings that we are, we are sometimes attracted to the suffering of others because thanks to it our most primitive feelings bloom and therefore we feel human.

They fill our most primary instincts

Human beings do not stop being animals with a super developed intelligence. However, this does not mean that our most primal instincts, which were very present in prehistory, sometimes awaken. In those moments we had to hunt and kill to survive like any animal species.

And therefore, it is normal that these very primal feelings remain a little inherent within ourselves.

To be understood, every time we visualize a horror movie and we feel identified with the protagonist, it is as if an injection of adrenaline runs through our entire body. We feel how the survival institute is activated and puts us in a state of alert. This is a feeling that fortunately we do not have to live during our day to day. And for that reason, every time we feel it, it's like something completely new to us.

This creates a kind of healthy "addiction" that springs from the simple curiosity of experiencing good things and therefore we should not be ashamed of it. We are curious beings by nature and therefore it is very normal that many of us are attracted to the movies of fear. And you? Do you dare to turn off the light tonight and start watching a horror movie? Arm yourself with courage and then you will realize that it is not so bad! This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

Why Do Some People Love Horror Movies? (February 2020)